Andrea Pirlo Becomes Juventus FC Head Coach

Juventus FC on the weekend of August 7th that Maurizio Sarri would be replaced by Andrea Pirlo, a former competitor with their football club that’d become a champion. The appointment of Andrea Pirlo comes hours after Maurizio Sarri was terminated from Juventus FC, maintaining a single season with the club. The Italian-Native wasn’t able to ascertain placement into the European Champions League Finals, with Juventus FC losing to Lyon FC. This prompted Club Owners & Team Managers to consider Andrea Pirlo for placement, with the former Juventus footballer being considerably younger & having proven himself with the Under-23 Subsidiary Team. It’s known that Juventus FC has provided Andrea Pirlo with a two-year contract.

An official statement was released by Juventus’s Media Team, where they clarified that their confidence in Andrea Pirlo is unwavering. That’s because Andrea has shown himself an expert in coaching, reaching multiple levels of success with the Juventus U23 Team. Sentiments from Juventus FC indicated that the entrance of Andrea Pirlo marks a new chapter in their history, moving from the position of Maestro to Master.

Surprisingly, Juventus Football Club terminated Maurizio Sarri, with the 61-Year-Old Italian maintaining a 3-Year Contract. He obtained this position after successfully placing the Chelsea Football Club into the Europa League, inevitably maintaining championship status. Juventus FC hoped that Maurizio Sarri would repeat history with his new outfit, acquiring them victory in the Champions League. Juventus President Andrea Agnelli has shown that coaches who cannot perform will lose their contracts, regardless of the legal implications.

Footballer to Coach

Andrea Pirlo now stands alongside multiple footballers that transferred from the role of player to coach, garnering new reputations that can sustain longer careers. This includes Gennaro Gattuso & Frank Lampard, with the addition of Zinedine Zidane. It’s suspected that Andrea Pirlo will outrank his former rivals & become an influential coach that returns Juventus FC to providence.

It should be mentioned that Andrea Pirlo last played footballer with Juventus FC in 2015, marking a five-year delay from his conversion of Midfielder to head Coach. Throughout his professional football career, Andrea Pirlo has stood with four squads that won notable champions. He’ll take those talents & transfer them towards new strategies that could prompt a Semi-Finals placement in the Champions League.