Assistant Football Coach Gets Headbutted

The NCAA College Football League is known for its intense moments, with the players & coaching staff often aggressively congratulating one another. It was shown again when the Cincinnati Bearcats played against the Army Black Knights, the NCAA team that represents Army Cadets. An ABK assistant coach got toe excited after calling a victorious strategy & rushed towards the succeeding player in the manner of headbutting.

This assistant coach hadn’t taken into account that the ABK footballer had his protective gear on & the two collided after the coach had thrown his hands against the player’s helmet. Details regarding which coach with the Army Black Knights had taken this unexpected tackle wasn’t revealed, neither was his medical conditions. However, NCAA Commentators reflected that the coach would likely receive a concussion from this transaction.

September 26th saw the Army Black Knights compete against the Cincinnati Bearcats, with COVID-19 Protocols being in-place to guarantee safety amongst both teams. The sideline ABK coach congratulated his offensive lineman on pure adrenaline and likely was muscle memory from playing professional football. NFL & NCAA players often compliment each other with a headbutt, and typically do it whenever protective gear is being worn. It’s a critical distinction the Army Black Knights assistant coach.

Medical Examination

After the assistant coach tackled into his offensive lineman, the man wasn’t aware of his surroundings & could hardly maintain balance. It prompted NCAA Football medical staff to remove the assistant coach from the Cincinnati Bearcats match-up and conduct an immediate review of the coaches health condition. It should be mentioned that ABK #59 was concerned for his assistant coach, with the footballers remaining on scene until remaining coaching staff demanded his continued play.

Supporters of the Army Black Knights won’t know if the assistant coach received treatment for a head injury until the next ABK match-up. Likely, this individual won’t be competing for weeks to come. After the assistant coach had been injured & all players were distracted, the Army Black Knights took a steep decline in the points against Cincinnati. The ABKs were down by fourteen points against the Bearcats, their most prominent loss of this season.