Auburn Tiger Head Coach Contracts COVID-19

An influential member in the North American Football Community has contracted the novel coronavirus in his elderly age. It was announced that Pat Dye tested positive for the virus after entering an unidentified Atlanta Hospital for routine kidney tests. Nobody expected the tests to reveal an infection of COVID-19 in the former Canadian College Football Linebacker. Both associations connected to Pat Dye have issued their well wishes, which include the Edmonton Eskimos and Auburn Tigers. A National Football League Agent confirmed the infection status of Pat Dye, with that individual being his son. He noted that reports are correct, and my father testing positive after entering the hospital for kidney-related issues, which have been present for a prolonged period. Pat Dye Junior then mentioned that his father is asymptomatic, with all those close to the 80-year-old now being quarantined for fourteen days.

Pat Dye Senior won’t be permitted to see his family until the asymptomatic conditions of COVID-19 are gone. This means a confirmed test showing negative status. It’s expected that this Atlanta Hospital will release Pat Dye Senior by May 25th, returning him to a private hotel. Pat Dye Junior finished his remarks by clarifying his thanks towards all those wishing his father a safe recovery.

Player Before Coach

Pat Dye Senior played with the Canadian Football League, operating under the Edmonton Eskimos. He’d become a notable player over two seasons because Pat would often be paired with Nat Dye, the older brother in the Dye Family. He’d stand at 210-Pounds at 5’11, giving Pat the perfect physique to maintain his position at Linebacker. The skillsets showcased by the Edmonton Eskimos Footballer would earn Pat Dye two back-to-back “All American” titles. This extends towards a single Orange Bowl, and SEC Championship. These relevant skillsets allowed for Pat Dye Senior to inevitably become the Auburn Tigers Head Coach, where he’d go to obtain four championships for this outfit.

The formidable power of Pat Dye allowed him to make four interceptions, 58-yard, two fumble-returns, two touchdowns, and five fumble recoveries. This occurred throughout thirty-two Canadian Football Matches. He’d leave his professional career hastily when the United States Army demanded Pat Dye Senior fulfil ROTC Obligations between 1963-64.