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New Orleans Coach Contracts Covid-19

Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints Head Coach, confirmed that he’d contracted the novel coronavirus. This leader is resting in his home while implementing self-isolation strategies, meaning that family have been positioned somewhere else in New Orleans. When asked why he informed the public of his novel coronavirus, Sean Payton noted that he wants to motivate locals to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic. This information was publicly announced through ESPN Sports, where Sean Payton would quickly post a photo to Instagram to confirm the announcement.

The Instagram post expressed that Payton appreciates the good wishes and that he’s begun feeling better. It should be noted that Sean Payton hasn’t experienced the respiratory symptoms associated with Covid-19. He’ll have to remain quarantined inside for an additional four days before being provided clearance by local government officials. Sean Payton is the first NFL Coach to announce his diagnosis, with it being expected that several others have secretly contracted Covid-19 and are keeping it from the public.

Sean Payton was tested on March 23rd for the novel coronavirus. He wouldn’t receive results until March 27th. It’s suspected that Payton contracted the virus after attending various meetings on behalf of the New Orleans Saints. After feeling ill on March 22nd, he was inducted into the local hospital and returned home for self-quarantine measures. Family members were informed about distancing themselves from Sean Payton immediately.

ESPN Interview

When speaking to ESPN Reporters, Sean Payton mentioned that he isn’t experiencing severe side effects. That means the NFL Coach is an elderly male without respiratory symptoms, placing him into a different minority worldwide. Statements continued by Payton noting younger people have to better themselves throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. A large percentage of young adults have carried out their regular lives without considering the consequences towards others. It was noted that everyone must do their part across America to ensure public safety.

Sean Payton clarified that two states should be mainly governed, with those including New Orleans and Louisiana. An overwhelming number of international tourists ranging between 21 – 28 years of age attend these states yearly for Mardi Gras. Considering that spring is right around the corner, Payton believes that government enforcement should be implemented to avoid another Daytona Beach situation.

Spanish Soccer Coach Passes Away from Covid-19

Medical experts in Spain have unveiled the youngest individuals to contract Covid-19 in their home nation. That individual is Francisco Garcia, aged twenty. Confirming that he contracted the coronavirus came as a significant shock for parents in Malaga. That’s because Francisco Garcia is the Youth Coach for Atletico Portada. Some believe he could’ve contracted the virus to younger hosts, with Francisco Garcia, unfortunately, dying from Covid-19 after battling it for two weeks on March 15th.

The Atletico Portada Football Club provided a formal announcement regarding this death. It was mentioned that their deepest condolences are expressed to the relatives, family and friends of Francisco Garcia. When the family was questioned on Garcia’s rate of infection, they noted that his health declined immediately within four days and prompted his death. Considering that Francisco Garcia was a healthy footballer at twenty-years of age, its shocked medical experts that this Youth Coach didn’t have any formal medical conditions. Autopsies were held to locate any previously unknown medical conditions that would’ve allowed the coronavirus to thrive in Francisco Garcia’s system.

Doctors informed Francisco to take three doses of paracetamol daily to limit the sore throat that initially started. After twelve hours, his condition deteriorated and prompted Garcia’s parent to rush him to the emergency room. ER Doctors provided minimal help to the Youth Coach, providing him antibiotics and returned him home. The limited medical assistance prompted Francisco’s condition to worsen and eventually pass away. It should be noted that his step-father now has Covid-19 and can barely stand with an increasing fever. It’s expected that under this fathers older age, he’ll also be unable to recover and ultimately pass away from the coronavirus.

No Funeral

Neither parents were permitted to say goodbye to their son. They weren’t provided with a burial, mass grave site or ashes after Francisco Garcia passed away. That’s because individuals that have died from Covid-19 are being burned and immediately disposed of in the most effective medical methods possible. Before Garcia was burned, medical experts performed an autopsy and revealed that Francisco had undiagnosed leukaemia. That would’ve made it nearly impossible for his body to fight off Covid-19. The parents expressed publicly that they never thought this virus would kill their son and are devastated by this loss.

Philadelphia Union Head Coach Talks Coronavirus

March 12th marked an important date for the COVID-19 Pandemic. There was an influx of announcements surrounding cancellations regarding sporting events, with Major League Soccer included in those flurries of reports. It was confirmed that MLS would be postponed by thirty days following the increased outbreak in North America. This came as a substantial disappointment for the Philadelphia Union, who were preparing to experience their home opener on March 14th. Supporters of this MLS outfit were excited for the home opener, with the Philadelphia Union tying LAFC 3-3 in an exciting draw.

It should be mentioned that the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have also postponed their respective seasons. Considering that all MLS teams were training for the upcoming weekend, it was surprising to players and team coaches alike to learn that the season would be postponed. The Head Coach for the Philadelphia Union, Jim Curtin, held a press conference regarding the unexpected announcement.

He mentioned that when the announcement came in, everybody was training in anticipation of San Jose. Everyone was immediately informed to walk off the field and implement self-isolation tactics. Jim Curtin noted that there’s an uneasy feeling around the MLS Community, with nobody particularly aware of what’s coming in the next month. There’s the potential that the coronavirus outbreak in North America will become a pandemic, which would prompt extended delays of sporting events. Some analysts anticipate that 2020 will historically be considered “The Year Sports Ended”.

The Quarantine Protocols

When questioned by reporters if the Philadelphia Union’s are supporting the decision to postpone the season for thirty days, Jim Curtin expressed that he believes MLS Executives made the correct decision. The safety and health of the overall MLS community have become drastically essential for all twenty-six outfits.

All employed individuals with Major League Soccer have been informed to stay away from their respective training facilities going forward. Additional updates will be provided on March 16th, with it being expected that players will be told to train privately in their separate residences. Coaches will have video-conference calls with these players to ensure the proper strategies are being taught. This level of coaching will never have been experienced by Jim Curtin or anybody else operating within MLS.

Coaching Drama for First Nations Canadian

The Bantam Hockey Team from the First Nations in Canada is facing some severe backlash after a coach was terminated. The Interlake Minor Hockey Association confirmed that they’d discontinued the “Fairford Minor Hockey League President & Co-Ed Bantam Coach”, who goes under the name Nadine Anderson. She’s banned from all arena matches until December 2020. It follows after she shared a social media post with profanity. When Nadine questioned her termination with the IMHA, she was told that this unacceptable post violated their policy governing agreement. Nadine claims she broke no policy laws, as the job wasn’t written by herself.

She spoke with First Nation Reporters in Winnipeg. Nadine held this interview from her home in Pinayamoontang. She expressed that these children and the hockey league desperately need her assistance moving forward. Refusal to accept her back could terminate the dreams and aspirations of dozens of children. Some individuals throughout the First Nations believe that this decision was based purely on race, with Native Canadian hockey leagues often facing an unnecessary backlash. It should be noted that Nadine Anderson was fired during the Bantam Playoffs, with her team almost guaranteed to lose going forward.

The Fight

This suspension notice provided to Nadine Anderson was maintained through email. It was sent by the Interlake Minor Hockey Association late at night, with some claiming it was a purposeful act. This head coach was returning from a playoff meeting and heading towards a coaching session, with IMHA Executives being connected to this meeting. All of these issues follow after a February 15th game was derailed and saw both opponents clash against each other. This confrontation was posted to Facebook, where Nadine shared it through her Facebook page.

You can see multiple parents and coaches fighting with each other, which followed after a bad call. You can hear in the background “I’ll keep paying for your welfare cheque”, which has prompted the claims of racism. Instead of the IMHA standing by one of their first nation employees, they instead allowed racist Canadians to have power over Nadine. This has become a regular occurrence throughout the Native Canadian communities, with them beginning to retaliate against the oppressions forced upon them through the government.

Head Coach for United States National Hockey Team Named

The United States has officially named the head coach for the 2020 IIHF World Championship, which is slated to be held in Switzerland during May 8th to 24th. The confirmation that Peter Laviolette will coach this national team was made by Chris Drury, the US General Manager of Hockey. It was expressed that Peter maintains an incredible level of experience with coaching and playing, which extends to unlimited desires at winning. It’s firmly expected that Peter Laviolette will bring the United States to a Silver or Gold Medal victory.

Shockingly, the United States National Hockey team announced that Laviolette would become the Head Coach. It was less than two months ago that he was terminated from the Nashville Predators. This man is also ranked 16th in the coaching standings, having maintained 637 won games throughout eighteen seasons. Peter has coached for the New York Islanders, Carolina Hurricanes, Philadelphia Flyers and Nashville Predators. Another shocking element to his new role is that Peter previously coached the United States National Hockey Team to a bronze victory in 2004. The Executive Director of United States Hockey Operations spoke on this announcement. He stated: “Peter is a terrific coach and someone who has had success wherever he’s been. We’re thrilled to have him back as head coach of our men’s national team.”

It should be noted that the remaining players and coaching staff for the 2020 US National Hockey Team haven’t been announced. They must first be selected by this new head coach and the assistant coaching staff, which extends to the General Manager and Advisory Committee. Subsequently, it’ll be a prolonged period before we hear anything regarding the full lineup of players. It’s expected that notable athletes like Sydney Crosby and Mike Tavares will play leading roles in this national team.

Additional Coaching News

Peter Laviolette isn’t the only coach who found himself facing severe fines or termination. It was announced this week that Claude Julien from the Montreal Canadians has been fined $10,000.00 for making illicit comments towards referees. This isn’t the 1st time that the head coach has clashed with referees, often uttering threats of violence towards them or their family. The paid fined from Claude Julien will see his money go towards the NHL Foundation.

Coaching Lineup Changing for Cleveland Browns

After considerable speculation relating to the Chris Jones tenure with the Cleveland Browns, it’s been announced that he’ll be leaving this National Football League Organization. It follows after he left the Canadian Football League, where he stood as the General Manager and Head Coach for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Chris Jones joined the NFL as a Senior Defensive Specialist in January 2019, working under Freddie Kitchens in his rookie season. Freddie Kitchens was terminated after a single season with the Cleveland Browns, leaving the remaining coaching staff to be fired potentially. Christ Jones is the 1st of Kitchens selections to be fired.

Kevin Stefanski is taking the position of Head Coach for the Cleveland Browns in 2020, with this former athlete selecting Joe Woods for the defensive coordinator role. The Senior Defensive Specialist position was awarded to Steve Wilks, forcing Chris Jones to leave his previous position. This doesn’t mean that Jones won’t remain with the Buffalo Bills in some capacity, with his contract active until December 2020. Rumours indicate that he’ll be placed into an analytic role, which would better suit his history as a former general manager and head coach.

The Future & Past for Jones

Sporting analysts are speculating that Chris Jones will return to the Canadian Football League in 2021. The exit clause option under his contract would be foolish to enact, with all CFL Staff Roles taken for the 2020 season. New caps placed onto football operational personally with the CFL means that limited funds are available for outfits to acquire Jones. He’ll become one of the most desired coaches with the 2021 CFL Season, as the former Saskatchewan general manager acquired multiple grey cups.

Those championship victories were acquired for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Saskatchewan. Chris Jones proved countless times that his coaching tactics created champion-winning teams. It’s not known if Kevin Stefanski plans to re-hire Chris Jones for the 2021 NFL Season, with his restructuring not indicating that Jones isn’t active under a coaching staff position anymore. When visiting the Cleveland Browns website, Chris Jones cannot be located on any page. This leads many to believe he’ll return to the CFL instead of the NFL.

Texas Head Coach Resigns for General Manager Position

Another shocking resignation was announced this week, with Bill O’Brien leaving the Houston Texas in June. It’s not known who will take over the newly available General Manager position, which will be vacant until a new applicant can be found. The Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Houston Texans will take over the GM responsibilities until a new candidate is located.

Michigan State University Hires New Head Coach

Alterations in the coaching staff for Michigan State University have been underway during the winter break. The first confirmed change follows with the Head Coach, who has been named as Mel Tucker. Aged forty-eight, this man has spent 20+ engaging with the football youth and seen multiple players under his outfits enter the National Football League. He began coaching with Michigan, employed as the Graduate Assistant Coach for Nick Saban. After terminating his coaching contract with MCU, Tucker went to work with multiple universities and college football organizations. Joining Michigan sees Mel Tucker leave Colorado after lengthy employment. Tucker considered this the hardest decision in his coaching career but had to switch sides for sentimental reasons. If it wasn’t for Michigan State University, Mel Tucker might’ve never become a football coach.

Mel Tucker is leaving his head coaching position with Colorado State University with 23+ years of experience. The announcement of his termination has broken Colorado’s program, with players requesting that he remain with this outfit. The athletics director for CSU mentioned that all individuals connected with their football program are disappointed to see him leave, with replacements already being searched before Mid-Season. Assistant Coaching Staff will lead this outfit until a new Head Coach can be located.

Mel Tucker’s History

The extensive coaching history behind Mel Tucker includes multiple notable moments. He acted as the defensive coach for the 2015-18 Southeastern Conferences. Throughout 2001 to 2004, Tucker was the head coach for Ohio State University. After leaving OSU in 2005, he joined the National Football League for ten seasons. Mel Tucker would spend twelve months with the University of Colorado before leaving for Michigan. Players expressed that he guaranteed the rookie players four seasons until their graduation and that they’re shocked with him turning back on his word.

Additional moments to remember throughout Mel Tucker’s career include two national championships under the Ohio State University, with a third acquired under the Alabama State University in 2015. Before entering the role of defensive coach, Mel Tucker was a professional player for the University of Wisconsin until 1995, where he’d acquire an NFL contract for five seasons. When speaking with reporters at ESPN or TSN, Mel Tucker expressed that he’s coaches multiple outfits but hasn’t ever been so excited to start a new position. Sentiment towards his previous time with the University of Michigan became evident, with him expressing that all skillsets he’s acquired through 25+ years of football will be implemented into his strategies with MCU.

University Athletics Coach Fired for Sexual Relationship

Shocking news has come out of the University of Guelph. It was revealed by Athletics Canada that a coach and student engaged in an under-age sexual relationship, which ended up being deeply disturbing. The Athletics Commission and Canada confirmed this news, with the Globe & Mail first publishing the story that a field coach named Dave Scott-Thomas committed borderline sadistic. Multiple female students were groomed for a sexual relationship with the track and field coach. Athletics Canada confirmed that they’re investigating all instances that Dave Scott-Thomas coached under this administration, which included sixteen occasions under Canadian national Teams. This included the 2016 Rio Olympics. This horrendous man could’ve attacked multiple other female athletes.

The University of Guelph was quick to respond to these allegations. Statements were provided on the official website, which expressed a series of complaints from 2006. Complains came from family members relating to Megan Brown, the woman sexually assaulted by Dave Scott-Thomas. Investigations didn’t reveal any pivotal information that indicated sexual misconduct. However, those prior investigations revealed additional illegal behaviour from this track coach which resulted in four weeks of paid leave. Mostly, he was paid to take a vacation while news dissipated from the campus.

What prompted his inevitable termination from the UOG was an additional complaint filed earlier this year. External investigators were hired by family members, which revealed numerous counts of sexual misconduct. Investigations from external sources indicate that Dave Scott-Thomas had lied countless times since 2006 to avoid termination. Investigators are now determining if the University of Guelph knew and allowed for these illegal relationships, which could prompt a larger story of corruption.

Athletic Canada Reveals Additional Details

Athletic Canada, in their official statement earlier this week, expressed that Dave Scott-Thomas influenced a seventeen-year-old woman into a sexual relationship. This was accomplished with threats regarding their future athletic careers, demanding that sexual favours be provided for chances at professional track and field. Investigators believe that sexual misconduct with women from Dave could be bellow fifteen years of age.

Nobody Safe in the NHL

Job security has become a significant issue amongst professional athletes and coaches in the National Hockey League. This applies more to those in coaching positions, with multiple individuals being fired throughout the 2019-20 season. Bruce Cassidy from the Boston Bruins is growing more concerned that coaches could be terminated for not winning championship titles. Considering that there’s only one championship in the NHL, this leaves 20+ coaches potentially being fired. Cassidy is coaching the All-Star Game alongside other notable individuals. These men are discussing strategies to request job security amongst NHL coaches.

Bruce Cassidy was concerned that he’d lose his position as head coach of the Boston Bruins. This concern came after losing the Stanley Cup Finals to the St. Louis Blues. Other coaches that took their organizations to this championship event weren’t lucky enough to keep their positions. Gerard Gallant, the previous head coach for the Vegas Golden Knights, trained players to the Stanley Cup Finals in their 1st season. After losing to the Washing Capitals during the 2018 championship, he was immediately terminated and replaced by Peter DeBoer. This man has also lost his championship opportunity in 2017 while coaching the Nashville Predators, where DeBoer would lose to the Pittsburgh Penguins. This has been a re-occurring strategy for NHL Teams, to terminate one losing coach and hire another that previously lost.

Several changes to coaching staff were made throughout this season, five being performance-related and the others relating to behavioural-issues. This included Mike Babcock, Bill Peters and Jim Montgomery for the personal problems between fellow players and coaches. Babcock is considered to be the worst, as he’d deliberately act aggressive towards his players and often would commit violent acts. Shockingly, the National Hockey League would allow him to remain to coach going forward. However, these several terminations weren’t as extensive when eleven coaches were fired throughout the 2002-03 season. Since those original terminations, communication between NHL Corporate and the coaches have been lacklustre.

Long-Term Coaches

When it applies to NHL coaches, the longest-tenured individual is Jon Cooper from the Tampa Bay Lightning. Hired initially during the 2013 season, he’s completed six professional seasons and has the highest record amongst all coaching staff in the NHL. Coming in sixth place in Bruce Cassidy, who has coached the Boston Bruins since the 2016-17 season. Cassidy would have to remain with the Bruins for an additional three seasons to defeat Jon Cooper’s record, under the condition that the Tampa Bay Lightning coach was terminated after this season.

Frank Vogel Coached Team LeBron for 2020 NBA All-Star Game

The National Basketball Association is undertaking it’s 69th All-Star Game, which will have the most notable athletes in the league compete against each other. This will include Team LeBron and Team Giannis, with LeBron James having Frank Vogel take over coaching responsibilities. This matchup is slated to begin on February 16th in Chicago at the United Center. Supporters can watch the event on TSN in Canada and ESPN in the United States. However, the All-Star competition will be supported by two hundred countries in 40+ languages.

It doesn’t surprise anybody that Frank Vogel is taking the head coaching position, with him having multiple victories over the last two seasons. His most recent accomplishment came when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets, allowing them to have the highest record in the Western Conference this season. There are minimal chances that they’ll lose their top placement before February 2nd. It should be noted that the 2020 All-Star Game will determine who’s the best coach in the NBA. However, this record could be depleted by Quin Snyder from the Utah NBA team. Lebron James has a wide selection of coaching options for 2020, with thirteen choices in the Western Conference. Additional options that would’ve worked in his favour include Michael Malone and Mike Budenholzer. Frank Vogel will bring the full lineup of Los Angeles Lakers coaches to the All-Star game, with them aiding in strategies for the head coach.

Lebron James could’ve been selected for head coach position, with this infamous athlete having previous coaching experience. He returned to professional basketball after being thoroughly convinced by Magic Johnson, who would then leave the association twelve months later. Instead of taking on the role of head coach, Lebron James has selected to be the All-Star Team Captain. Winning this tournament would mark the 3rd instance he’s won this tournament as the primary captain.

The Eastern Conference

Frank Vogel will experience a ferocious level of competition with the All-Star matchup. Competing against Giannis Antetokounmpo means battling against Mike Budenholzer. The head coach for the Milwaukee Bucks, this man is infamous for winning All-Star Games throughout his career. Giannis will be provided to strategies that won Budenholzer the championship title in 2019. Frank Vogel will require the assistance of Lebron James to create new plans for domination against the Eastern Conference.