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Oklahoma State Coach Creates Minor Scandal

Multiple individuals throughout North America have begun expressing their thoughts on COVID-19 in a public manner. This extends towards Mike Grundy, the Football Coach for Oklahoma State. Grundy made remarks regarding how the seasonal restart would begin by May 1st and that individuals need to stop being so concerned with this virus. His comments follow after America hit 20+ thousand deaths, which caused for numerous individuals throughout Oklahoma to become offended. He apologized for his statements, but some sports analysts anticipate that he’ll be fired for these actions.

Mike Grundy made agreements with multiple news agencies to speak through a video teleconference. Each interview remarked similar statements, indicating that the Head Coach would break federal guidelines on Social Distancing. Oklahoma citizens called the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Mike Grundy’s comments, requesting that an informal investigation be implemented. It’s expected that the Bureau spoke with Oklahoma State and demanded these statements be revised. This would be the most straightforward and most viable solution for the current situation, with the FBI more concerned on other investigations.

The Universities Statement

Oklahoma State University released a formal statement after Mike Grundy created this minor scandal. They expressed that adherence on public health and federal guidelines have been implemented since day one. Our best interests stand behind the citizens of Oklahoma and the United States of America. We’ll continue to mandate our operations based on the guidelines from federal and state authorities. We won’t compromise the safety of Oklahoma State University or her subsidiary campuses. Mike Grundy has been advised on the severity of this situation.

The Ignorance of Mike Grundy

It should be mentioned that Mike Grundy is a right-wing politician enthusiast who has often supported the actions of Donald Trump. In all interviews he maintained last week, racist behaviour was displayed numerous times. These actions will enforce his inevitable termination at Oklahoma State University. Grundy continually showed a significant level of insensitivity towards infected individuals, claiming they should be placed into specialized camps so that the rest of America can resume to normal behaviour. This is similar thinking to a former WWII leader.

New Orleans Coach Contracts Covid-19

Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints Head Coach, confirmed that he’d contracted the novel coronavirus. This leader is resting in his home while implementing self-isolation strategies, meaning that family have been positioned somewhere else in New Orleans. When asked why he informed the public of his novel coronavirus, Sean Payton noted that he wants to motivate locals to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic. This information was publicly announced through ESPN Sports, where Sean Payton would quickly post a photo to Instagram to confirm the announcement.

The Instagram post expressed that Payton appreciates the good wishes and that he’s begun feeling better. It should be noted that Sean Payton hasn’t experienced the respiratory symptoms associated with Covid-19. He’ll have to remain quarantined inside for an additional four days before being provided clearance by local government officials. Sean Payton is the first NFL Coach to announce his diagnosis, with it being expected that several others have secretly contracted Covid-19 and are keeping it from the public.

Sean Payton was tested on March 23rd for the novel coronavirus. He wouldn’t receive results until March 27th. It’s suspected that Payton contracted the virus after attending various meetings on behalf of the New Orleans Saints. After feeling ill on March 22nd, he was inducted into the local hospital and returned home for self-quarantine measures. Family members were informed about distancing themselves from Sean Payton immediately.

ESPN Interview

When speaking to ESPN Reporters, Sean Payton mentioned that he isn’t experiencing severe side effects. That means the NFL Coach is an elderly male without respiratory symptoms, placing him into a different minority worldwide. Statements continued by Payton noting younger people have to better themselves throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. A large percentage of young adults have carried out their regular lives without considering the consequences towards others. It was noted that everyone must do their part across America to ensure public safety.

Sean Payton clarified that two states should be mainly governed, with those including New Orleans and Louisiana. An overwhelming number of international tourists ranging between 21 – 28 years of age attend these states yearly for Mardi Gras. Considering that spring is right around the corner, Payton believes that government enforcement should be implemented to avoid another Daytona Beach situation.

Spanish Soccer Coach Passes Away from Covid-19

Medical experts in Spain have unveiled the youngest individuals to contract Covid-19 in their home nation. That individual is Francisco Garcia, aged twenty. Confirming that he contracted the coronavirus came as a significant shock for parents in Malaga. That’s because Francisco Garcia is the Youth Coach for Atletico Portada. Some believe he could’ve contracted the virus to younger hosts, with Francisco Garcia, unfortunately, dying from Covid-19 after battling it for two weeks on March 15th.

The Atletico Portada Football Club provided a formal announcement regarding this death. It was mentioned that their deepest condolences are expressed to the relatives, family and friends of Francisco Garcia. When the family was questioned on Garcia’s rate of infection, they noted that his health declined immediately within four days and prompted his death. Considering that Francisco Garcia was a healthy footballer at twenty-years of age, its shocked medical experts that this Youth Coach didn’t have any formal medical conditions. Autopsies were held to locate any previously unknown medical conditions that would’ve allowed the coronavirus to thrive in Francisco Garcia’s system.

Doctors informed Francisco to take three doses of paracetamol daily to limit the sore throat that initially started. After twelve hours, his condition deteriorated and prompted Garcia’s parent to rush him to the emergency room. ER Doctors provided minimal help to the Youth Coach, providing him antibiotics and returned him home. The limited medical assistance prompted Francisco’s condition to worsen and eventually pass away. It should be noted that his step-father now has Covid-19 and can barely stand with an increasing fever. It’s expected that under this fathers older age, he’ll also be unable to recover and ultimately pass away from the coronavirus.

No Funeral

Neither parents were permitted to say goodbye to their son. They weren’t provided with a burial, mass grave site or ashes after Francisco Garcia passed away. That’s because individuals that have died from Covid-19 are being burned and immediately disposed of in the most effective medical methods possible. Before Garcia was burned, medical experts performed an autopsy and revealed that Francisco had undiagnosed leukaemia. That would’ve made it nearly impossible for his body to fight off Covid-19. The parents expressed publicly that they never thought this virus would kill their son and are devastated by this loss.

Philadelphia Union Head Coach Talks Coronavirus

March 12th marked an important date for the COVID-19 Pandemic. There was an influx of announcements surrounding cancellations regarding sporting events, with Major League Soccer included in those flurries of reports. It was confirmed that MLS would be postponed by thirty days following the increased outbreak in North America. This came as a substantial disappointment for the Philadelphia Union, who were preparing to experience their home opener on March 14th. Supporters of this MLS outfit were excited for the home opener, with the Philadelphia Union tying LAFC 3-3 in an exciting draw.

It should be mentioned that the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have also postponed their respective seasons. Considering that all MLS teams were training for the upcoming weekend, it was surprising to players and team coaches alike to learn that the season would be postponed. The Head Coach for the Philadelphia Union, Jim Curtin, held a press conference regarding the unexpected announcement.

He mentioned that when the announcement came in, everybody was training in anticipation of San Jose. Everyone was immediately informed to walk off the field and implement self-isolation tactics. Jim Curtin noted that there’s an uneasy feeling around the MLS Community, with nobody particularly aware of what’s coming in the next month. There’s the potential that the coronavirus outbreak in North America will become a pandemic, which would prompt extended delays of sporting events. Some analysts anticipate that 2020 will historically be considered “The Year Sports Ended”.

The Quarantine Protocols

When questioned by reporters if the Philadelphia Union’s are supporting the decision to postpone the season for thirty days, Jim Curtin expressed that he believes MLS Executives made the correct decision. The safety and health of the overall MLS community have become drastically essential for all twenty-six outfits.

All employed individuals with Major League Soccer have been informed to stay away from their respective training facilities going forward. Additional updates will be provided on March 16th, with it being expected that players will be told to train privately in their separate residences. Coaches will have video-conference calls with these players to ensure the proper strategies are being taught. This level of coaching will never have been experienced by Jim Curtin or anybody else operating within MLS.

Coaching Lineup Changing for Cleveland Browns

After considerable speculation relating to the Chris Jones tenure with the Cleveland Browns, it’s been announced that he’ll be leaving this National Football League Organization. It follows after he left the Canadian Football League, where he stood as the General Manager and Head Coach for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Chris Jones joined the NFL as a Senior Defensive Specialist in January 2019, working under Freddie Kitchens in his rookie season. Freddie Kitchens was terminated after a single season with the Cleveland Browns, leaving the remaining coaching staff to be fired potentially. Christ Jones is the 1st of Kitchens selections to be fired.

Kevin Stefanski is taking the position of Head Coach for the Cleveland Browns in 2020, with this former athlete selecting Joe Woods for the defensive coordinator role. The Senior Defensive Specialist position was awarded to Steve Wilks, forcing Chris Jones to leave his previous position. This doesn’t mean that Jones won’t remain with the Buffalo Bills in some capacity, with his contract active until December 2020. Rumours indicate that he’ll be placed into an analytic role, which would better suit his history as a former general manager and head coach.

The Future & Past for Jones

Sporting analysts are speculating that Chris Jones will return to the Canadian Football League in 2021. The exit clause option under his contract would be foolish to enact, with all CFL Staff Roles taken for the 2020 season. New caps placed onto football operational personally with the CFL means that limited funds are available for outfits to acquire Jones. He’ll become one of the most desired coaches with the 2021 CFL Season, as the former Saskatchewan general manager acquired multiple grey cups.

Those championship victories were acquired for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Saskatchewan. Chris Jones proved countless times that his coaching tactics created champion-winning teams. It’s not known if Kevin Stefanski plans to re-hire Chris Jones for the 2021 NFL Season, with his restructuring not indicating that Jones isn’t active under a coaching staff position anymore. When visiting the Cleveland Browns website, Chris Jones cannot be located on any page. This leads many to believe he’ll return to the CFL instead of the NFL.

Texas Head Coach Resigns for General Manager Position

Another shocking resignation was announced this week, with Bill O’Brien leaving the Houston Texas in June. It’s not known who will take over the newly available General Manager position, which will be vacant until a new applicant can be found. The Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Houston Texans will take over the GM responsibilities until a new candidate is located.

Michigan State University Hires New Head Coach

Alterations in the coaching staff for Michigan State University have been underway during the winter break. The first confirmed change follows with the Head Coach, who has been named as Mel Tucker. Aged forty-eight, this man has spent 20+ engaging with the football youth and seen multiple players under his outfits enter the National Football League. He began coaching with Michigan, employed as the Graduate Assistant Coach for Nick Saban. After terminating his coaching contract with MCU, Tucker went to work with multiple universities and college football organizations. Joining Michigan sees Mel Tucker leave Colorado after lengthy employment. Tucker considered this the hardest decision in his coaching career but had to switch sides for sentimental reasons. If it wasn’t for Michigan State University, Mel Tucker might’ve never become a football coach.

Mel Tucker is leaving his head coaching position with Colorado State University with 23+ years of experience. The announcement of his termination has broken Colorado’s program, with players requesting that he remain with this outfit. The athletics director for CSU mentioned that all individuals connected with their football program are disappointed to see him leave, with replacements already being searched before Mid-Season. Assistant Coaching Staff will lead this outfit until a new Head Coach can be located.

Mel Tucker’s History

The extensive coaching history behind Mel Tucker includes multiple notable moments. He acted as the defensive coach for the 2015-18 Southeastern Conferences. Throughout 2001 to 2004, Tucker was the head coach for Ohio State University. After leaving OSU in 2005, he joined the National Football League for ten seasons. Mel Tucker would spend twelve months with the University of Colorado before leaving for Michigan. Players expressed that he guaranteed the rookie players four seasons until their graduation and that they’re shocked with him turning back on his word.

Additional moments to remember throughout Mel Tucker’s career include two national championships under the Ohio State University, with a third acquired under the Alabama State University in 2015. Before entering the role of defensive coach, Mel Tucker was a professional player for the University of Wisconsin until 1995, where he’d acquire an NFL contract for five seasons. When speaking with reporters at ESPN or TSN, Mel Tucker expressed that he’s coaches multiple outfits but hasn’t ever been so excited to start a new position. Sentiment towards his previous time with the University of Michigan became evident, with him expressing that all skillsets he’s acquired through 25+ years of football will be implemented into his strategies with MCU.

All GFA Coaches Fired

All national coaches with the Ghana Soccer Association have been terminated in what is being claimed as an unexpected and drastic move by respective officials. Those without jobs include all coaching staff for the national teams for both the male and female divisions, leavin nine coaches terminated. When prompted for an immediate response, the association claimed that this action was meant to dissolve the technical staff for all national teams to make for new members with innovative ideas. The GFA did express their gratitude towards the national team. Technically, no official reason for the decision was provided to reporters and it was seen as more a professional excuse.

One of the most notable members that now stands as a free agent is Kwesi Appiah, who acted as the head coach for the Men’s National Senior team. This marks the second time that he’s been terminated for unreasonable accounts. However, Appiah couldn’t acquire a championship title for the African Cup of Nations in 2019. This Egyptian campaign saw the Ghana Blast Stars lose to Tunisia, resulting in them coming dead last. Additional coaching staff with the three other national teams didn’t perform to expectations as well. This would be the most logical reason why they were terminated, but no official account was provided, so it isn’t conclusive. This decision could be biased, with a new General Secretary taking over the Ghana Football Association. With previous bribery thefts within the GFA, it wouldn’t be surprising if the new coaching staff secretly paid under the table for their positions. It would explain why the GFA didn’t provide any insight into future coaches for 2020.

Ghana’s History

The Ghana Football Association has acquired numerous championship titles since the 1980s. Their first of four titles with the Men’s National team came in 1982, which came after losing the championship during the finals three consecutive times. Their history extends to recent memory, with them being a spotlighted team for the 2010 World Cup. They became the third team in South African history to maintain a position in the quarterfinals. However, they lost to Uruguay in the semi-finals from the result of penalties. The organization’s positive history has been clouded over by the recent scandal in 2018, which saw the Ghana Football Association entirely disbanded on the executive level. There were numerous allegations of large-scale corruption, which later would be found accurate. Subsequently, numerous individuals were banned for life from FIFA. This included the previous president of the GFA.

Zidane Disappointed with Real Madrid’s Results

Zidane, one of the most infamous football players in the 21st century, now coaches Real Madrid. However, he became noticeably frustrated by the results of their matchup against Barcelona. This frustration came after the rivalling team score multiple shots on net, with one of Real Madrid’s goals being terminated for an offside penalty. Barcelona was an elite unit, displaying capabilities not seen since 2003 – 04. Both teams played admirably against each other, which ended in the ultimate draw between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Subsequently, Barcelona remains five points ahead of their rivals going forward in La Liga. It also marks the first time that Real Madrid hasn’t scored since 2002.

Zidane made sure to take his comments to the public forum immediately after the matchup. He spoke with reporters, where he mentioned that his result wasn’t good enough for his liking and that more could’ve been done to accomplish a better result. He noted that when you have chances to score, you have to in professional leagues like La Liga. However, Zidane did notice that it was a formidable match of football that saw a classic game take place. The only thing this match lacked was goals, where Zidane mentioned this is a better result than Barcelona defeating them in their hometown.

Zidane’s Positive Remarks

Gareth Bale was the only player for Real Madrid that had an influential factor in this matchup. He performed admirably in the first half, competing with Barcelona’s top scorers to keep the odds even. Zidane was pleased with the results displayed by Gareth after eight games this season, with the former champion mentioning that the Welshman performed better than his teammates with significantly less playing time. The Head Coach for Real Madrid finished his comments to reporters by mentioned other players that performed to his expectations. Those included Raphael Varane, Toni Kroos, Sergio Ramos, and Fede Valverde. Zidane noted that the team handled the shifting tactics properly but could’ve acquired a goal with just a bit more pace. It will be interesting to see how Zidane’s side reacts to his comments with their upcoming match on the 22nd against Athletic Bilbao.

The Real Madrid will have the opportunity to get back into their groove on December 21st when they will face off against Ath. Bilao. They then will have a week off to celebrate the holidays with their families before returning to face Getafe on the 4th of January, Valencia on the 8th, Sevilla on the 18th and Real Valladolid on the 26th.

Florida State Gets New Head Coach

Mike Norvell was the initial trainer Florida State talked to for its football job. The search took college managers around the nation; they maintained returning to the male running Memphis’ program. Norvell stated he had admired the Seminoles program, given that he was a child. He said as a 12-year-old maturing in Dallas, the first item of university souvenirs on his wall surface was a 1993 Florida State championship game permit plate. Simply a day after Norvell directed Memphis to the American Athletic Meeting title, he got on an aircraft to Tallahassee. There he was presented as the Seminoles’ 11th permanent coach, changing Willie Taggart. The 38-year-old Norvell has accepted a six-year offer. He will take control of a Seminoles program that has become battered. The team dropped while he was assisting Memphis right into a Team of power.

Florida State is 6 years eliminated from a championship game and also requires an overhaul. The program battled late in the Jimbo Fisher’s period years as well as went 9-12 under Taggart– consisting of a mixed 0-3 mark vs. Florida, as well as Miami, before he was discharged on Nov. 3. Florida State managers got out to various other coaches throughout the search. However, the college Head of state John Thrasher claimed Norvell was the only individual that was used the task.

The Background of Norvell

Norvell leaves Memphis having published the most significant gaining portion in Tigers’ background. When he left the Tigers for Virginia Technology, and he led the Tigers to the initial 12-win period in college background, he developed on the structure left by Justin Fuente. Called Memphis’ head Dec. 4, 2015, Norvell won a minimum of 8 video games in each of his four years below and also got to double figures two times, including this year.

Memphis completed its program-record 12th success at the Freedom Dish Memorial Arena on Saturday in the American Athletic Championship game gain Cincinnati. He brought a creative strategy to Memphis, where he called the mass of the group’s plays also as he had various coordinators each period. Norvell’s offense ended up being understood for its volatility, leading to huge plays. While Norvell does not have head training experience at the Power 5 degree, he has been the offending coordinator at Arizona State. He has also been a co-offensive coordinator and receiver’s instructor at Pittsburgh.

Thrasher claimed that Norvell’s name showed up two years back when Florida State was seeking to change Fisher, that left for Texas A&M. The search in 2017 took much less than a week. This time around, Thrasher stated authorities wished to take our time. Norvell merely has 4 years of experience at a Team of 5 institutions. Florida State head of state said there is one unique distinction between Norvell as well as Taggart, that he is inevitably far better.

Best Paid Coaches in the World of Rugby

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is now only a memory. It was a tournament that delivered a significant share of the unexpected. Yet what has usually expected after such a competition is that often coaches to these teams move on to a new phase in their careers. Before they do, we want to see which of them topped the ranks of highest-paid coaches during the tournament.

  • John Mitchell – With a salary of £300 000 this defence coach to the English Roses is in fifth place. The 55-year-old rugby star was born in Taranaki in New Zealand and is a former player for the country too. Mitchell was a head coach to the All Blacks from 2001 – 2003. After spending time at various other teams in the role of head coach, he joined Eddie Jones in 2018 as defence coach to the English side.
  • Steve Hansen – Rated as the best coach in All Black history, Hansen came in fourth on the list of best-paid coaches at an impressive income of £400 000. This former policeman managed to deliver an immaculate success rate with force in black and set an impressive winning record. The rumours, however, seem to get louder that he will be leaving them soon.
  • Warren Gatland – £450 000 places Gatland in the third position. The Wales coach managed to get his team in the top four at the RWC after a great year of tremendous success. New Zealand born Gatland comes with a long and successful coaching career that stretches as far back as 1989 when he started his career at the Galwegians RFC. The 56-year-old rugby legend joined Wales in 2007, and since then they have won four Six Nations titles, this included three Grand Slams, and the team managed to reach the semi-finals in both the 2019 and 2011 RWC tournaments.
  • Joe Schmidt – Ireland’s Schmidt earns £600 000, and that made him a second position on the ranks of coaches who featured in Tokyo. He too is New Zealand born and has been coaching the Irish team since 2013. The team managed to achieve great success during this period with three Six Nations Championship behind their name, and they also maintained their first-ever victory over the All Blacks.
  • Eddie Jones – The coach to the English Roses stands at the top of the ranks with a desirable £750 000 salary. This places him quite a bit ahead of Schmidt and miles ahead of the rest on the list. The success of this Australian born coach earned him the recognition of World Rugby Coach of the Year in 2017. He joined England in 2015 and since then have taken them from strength to strength.
  • Pat Lam – Due to him not being one of the coaches in the RWC he can’t really be considered in this list, yet as Director of Rugby at the Bristol Bears, he served as head coach to the team during the Gallagher Premiership Rugby and hence this 51-year-old coach, originally from New Zealand, tops the list with £800 000.