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FC Dallas Coach Contracts COVID-19

Avoiding COVID-19 in the United States of America has become impossible. This nation has disputed concepts that the coronavirus is deadly, refuting social distancing measures & increasing the number of confirmed infections. Conditions are about to become considerably worse with President Donald Trump refusing to maintain COVID-19 Test Kits. Lack of information throughout America has enforced outbreaks in Neighbourhoods, Businesses, and Sporting Associations.

FC Dallas from Major League Soccer is experiencing an outbreak of the novel coronavirus. This follows after dozens of footballers & team personnel arrived in Florida for the “MLS is Back Tournament”. Most didn’t obey social distancing measures enforced by the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention, instead of listening to local politicians that deemed their jurisdictions safe. Not having medical backgrounds have seen government personnel in Florida misinform athletes, prompting these outbreaks. FC Dallas now has ten footballers with COVID-19, their head coach, and multiple team personnel. It’s the most prominent outbreak in Major League Soccer. All those infected with the virus are receiving “Daily Follow-Up Coronavirus Tests”, which extends to all other personnel & players with FC Dallas. MLS Media Division noted that all players, coaches, and employed staff must receive testing immediately upon their arrival at ESPN’s Disney Sports Centre.

Isolation Standards are Concerning

Anyone found with the virus is sectioned to another part of the Disneyland Resort, where conditions are said to be unsatisfactory. Food & Living Conditions provided to FC Dallas athletes with COVID-19 has been reminiscent of Elementary Cafeterias. Considering these men maintain athletic bodies & have the worst virus seen in a century, nourishment on this level will force COVID-19 to create longstanding effects on these players.

Healthcare Providers issued to these unknown footballers have requested increased nourishment & liquid for their patients, with cries for assistance being denied. Similar reactions haven’t been seen with other teams in Major League Soccer. That’s because MLS Executives are disturbed that FC Dallas could so easily break their corporate requirements. Going against the boss often has detrimental effects, with MLS Executives merely asking for social distancing to be maintained.

Jurgen Klopp Talks Premier League Victory

The Head Coach of Liverpool FC has spoken about their recent victory over the Premier League Championship. Jurgen Klopp clarified that Liverpool obtaining championship status after three decades is unbelievable, marking an achievement that dozens of coaches have tried to accomplish & fail. This victory comes after Jurgen Klopp was able to coach Liverpool FC players into winning the Champions League in 2019. Obtaining the Premier League Championship one-year later shows the diversity of Jurgen Klopp’s skillsets.

Liverpool FC was granted their victory through priority points, with the exclusive outfit permitted to defeat them being Manchester City. After losing to Chelsea June 16th at 2-1, Manchester City lost their Premier League Championship Goals. The victory was awarded to Jurgen Klopp & his band of superstars. It wouldn’t take long for Sky Sports & EuroSports to contact the Head Coach of Liverpool FC, requesting his thoughts on the victory. Jurgen would clarify that becoming Champions is much more than ever imagined & that it’s unbelievable to sustain this goal with such an incredible club.

Jurgen Klopp’s Era of Liverpool FC obtained another accomplishment that’ll be hard for other outfits to overcome. It took thirty-one matches for Jurgen Klopp & Liverpool FC players to acquire Championship Victory, leading with 23 points overall outfits except for Manchester City. This achievement is one that’ll be remembered by Liverpool footballers for decades to come.

The Downfall

Not everything was positive about their victory. Obtaining this championship after three decades prompted thousands to celebrate at Liver Building & Anfield Stadium by the waterfront, with 30+ civilians being injured during hysterical celebrations. Three individuals are in serious condition & aren’t expected to survive. It’s also guaranteed that dozens to hundreds will contract COVID-19 from these unsanctioned celebrations, prompting another outbreak in the Liverpool region. Deaths will follow from these confirmed contractions & will surely deplete the positive feelings associated with victory for Jurgen Klopp.

The Head Coach, Players, and Team Personnel with Liverpool FC have condemned the actions of supporters. Disappointment towards these civilians extended towards local politicians & coronavirus activists. It should be mentioned that dozens of Liverpool citizens were arrested for their foolish & brutalized actions.

Greg Vanney on MLS is Back Tournament

Soccer enthusiasts throughout North America were excited to learn on June 10th that MLS is returning by early July. Their return will be managed at the ESPN Sporting Centre at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The announcement came after extensive delegations between MLS Corporate & Disney closed, with both reaching a formal agreement. This upcoming venue is named the “MLS is Back Tournament” and will comprise all 26 teams in this soccer league.

Six groups are being maintained for this specially formatted tournament, with the two highest-scoring outfits obtaining permittance into the playoff round. Whichever team holds a victory over this competition will receive $1.1 Million, while also maintaining an immediate placement into the next CONCACAF Champions League. It should be noted that all points acquired during this tournament are ported over to the regular season, which is slated to return weeks after the MLS is Back Tournament concludes.

Grey Vanney Discusses TFCs Position

The Head Coach for the Toronto Football Club, Greg Vanney, provided his insight onto the upcoming tournament. It was first expressed that all members with the TFC are excited to compete again, with coaching stall being aware of the challenges that wait for them by July 8th. Greg Vanney clarified that the MLS is Back Tournament holds substantial value for the regular season, that this competition makes the best of a horrendous situation. The TFC Head Coach finished his sentiments by noting there isn’t any better way to start operations than competing against the Montreal Impact.

TFC Players are engaged in their training camp, with extensive drilled maintained for prolonged periods in comparison to standard preparation. This shows that coaching staff in Toronto & elsewhere throughout MLS are concerned about their delayed start to the season. Similar levels of training have been seen with all sporting leagues slated to resume this summer, with their athletes not being inactive for such a long period.

It should be mentioned that TFC was purposely selected into the highest-grade grouping in the MLS if Back Tournament. All their competitors were Semi-Finalists during the 2019 Season, with all four having previously acquired an MLS Championship.

The Regrets of Gian Piero Gasperini

Gian Piero Gasperini is one of the few coaches in Italy to confirm he’s COVID-10 infection publicly. The Atalanta Head Coach contracted the virus in March 2020, where he revealed that the concept of recovering in Bergamo Hospital saw life-threatening fears overwhelm him. This followed after hundred of COVID-19 Patients were located in the hospital. Gian lives close to this medical centre, where he’d notice an ambulance passing by every two minutes. The Head Coach couldn’t help but reference the similarities to war, knowing full well the majority that went into Bergamo Hospital didn’t leave.

Atalanta’s Head Coach was luckier than those entering this medical facility. He recovered quickly at an elderly age, with the infection being kept secret from the assistant coaching staff and his players. It wouldn’t be revealed to these men until May 21st, which is when the entire Atalanta Team was tested for COVID-19. Nobody was confirmed infected with the virus, but all football units in Italy still aren’t being permitted to train. This falls under the expectation that a 2nd deadlier wave will infect Italy and Europe.

Gian Piero Gasperini acquired the novel coronavirus on February 19th, which was the date when Atalanta FC competed against Valencia. This football match will be removed in Italian History for the wrong reasons, with health experts revealing that this event is considered “Ground Zero” for the city of Bergamo. Thousand of civilians throughout the Lombardy Province contracted this virus because this match unfolded on the 19th. It’s suspected that 35% of infections throughout the European Union was prompted from this football game, where thousands attended unknowingly carrying the virus. The number of deaths that can originate from this event extends 16+ thousand.

Unconfirmed Infections

Few members in the Atalanta Football Club have confirmed their contracted infections. It’s almost impossible that Gian Piero Gasperini & Marco Sportiello were the two exclusive individuals that contracted COVID-19. This wouldn’t fall in line with the infection percentages seen throughout Italy. It should be noted that Italian’s haven’t blamed Atalanta for the increased infections, with these civilians knowing full well they’re at fault. It’s suspected that Atalanta Supporters will see their favourite football club return by Mid-June to July.

Auburn Tiger Head Coach Contracts COVID-19

An influential member in the North American Football Community has contracted the novel coronavirus in his elderly age. It was announced that Pat Dye tested positive for the virus after entering an unidentified Atlanta Hospital for routine kidney tests. Nobody expected the tests to reveal an infection of COVID-19 in the former Canadian College Football Linebacker. Both associations connected to Pat Dye have issued their well wishes, which include the Edmonton Eskimos and Auburn Tigers. A National Football League Agent confirmed the infection status of Pat Dye, with that individual being his son. He noted that reports are correct, and my father testing positive after entering the hospital for kidney-related issues, which have been present for a prolonged period. Pat Dye Junior then mentioned that his father is asymptomatic, with all those close to the 80-year-old now being quarantined for fourteen days.

Pat Dye Senior won’t be permitted to see his family until the asymptomatic conditions of COVID-19 are gone. This means a confirmed test showing negative status. It’s expected that this Atlanta Hospital will release Pat Dye Senior by May 25th, returning him to a private hotel. Pat Dye Junior finished his remarks by clarifying his thanks towards all those wishing his father a safe recovery.

Player Before Coach

Pat Dye Senior played with the Canadian Football League, operating under the Edmonton Eskimos. He’d become a notable player over two seasons because Pat would often be paired with Nat Dye, the older brother in the Dye Family. He’d stand at 210-Pounds at 5’11, giving Pat the perfect physique to maintain his position at Linebacker. The skillsets showcased by the Edmonton Eskimos Footballer would earn Pat Dye two back-to-back “All American” titles. This extends towards a single Orange Bowl, and SEC Championship. These relevant skillsets allowed for Pat Dye Senior to inevitably become the Auburn Tigers Head Coach, where he’d go to obtain four championships for this outfit.

The formidable power of Pat Dye allowed him to make four interceptions, 58-yard, two fumble-returns, two touchdowns, and five fumble recoveries. This occurred throughout thirty-two Canadian Football Matches. He’d leave his professional career hastily when the United States Army demanded Pat Dye Senior fulfil ROTC Obligations between 1963-64.

Greg Vanney on MLS Restart

The German Football League returned to operations earlier this week, with Bundesliga now garnering attention from all other soccer associations worldwide. One of those associations is Major League Soccer, who will review Bundesliga to determine if their restart plan can work for MLS. It should be noted this information follows after MLS Executives announced that Orlando is being considered as a potential site to host matches. If Bundesliga proves that their strategic plan works, MLS will more than likely move forward with the Orlando Plan.

There’ve been multiple coaches in Major League Soccer that’ve provided their insight into this situation. One such individual is Greg Vanney, who revealed that everybody is watching Bundesliga see what happens with their respective footballers. This doesn’t include team personnel and coaching staff, but also the players themselves. Everyone is growing anxious over the situation with terminated matches. Greg Vanney, the TFC Head Coach, suspects that players will begin responding emotionally if the competition isn’t brought back shortly.

Vanney than spoke about the protocols implemented by Bundesliga, with Greg noting it provides MLS something to assess and consider when restarting their respective season. There’s a considerable difference between the United States of America and Germany, with the USA experiencing an influx of confirmed infections and deaths. Even with there being more than 86+ thousand deaths in the United States, MLS plans to restart operations.

Relaunch Date

The TFC Head Coach highlighted that Major League Soccer has a vision for possible strategies. Vanney believes there’s light at the end of COVID-19s tunnel, with MLS being victorious and more popular than ever before. This vision includes hosting at games at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disneyland. It’s rumoured that those matches will begin on June 1st, 2020.

The Toronto Football Club is preparing themselves for the upcoming season restart. Players are training at two separate facilities in the Toronto region, with specific restrictions implemented by MLS Corporate. Four players are permitted simultaneously to prepare, with those individuals having to distance themselves by ten feet. This controlled environment is what will allow TFC to be a formidable force with MLS resumes on June 1st.

Oklahoma State Coach Creates Minor Scandal

Multiple individuals throughout North America have begun expressing their thoughts on COVID-19 in a public manner. This extends towards Mike Grundy, the Football Coach for Oklahoma State. Grundy made remarks regarding how the seasonal restart would begin by May 1st and that individuals need to stop being so concerned with this virus. His comments follow after America hit 20+ thousand deaths, which caused for numerous individuals throughout Oklahoma to become offended. He apologized for his statements, but some sports analysts anticipate that he’ll be fired for these actions.

Mike Grundy made agreements with multiple news agencies to speak through a video teleconference. Each interview remarked similar statements, indicating that the Head Coach would break federal guidelines on Social Distancing. Oklahoma citizens called the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Mike Grundy’s comments, requesting that an informal investigation be implemented. It’s expected that the Bureau spoke with Oklahoma State and demanded these statements be revised. This would be the most straightforward and most viable solution for the current situation, with the FBI more concerned on other investigations.

The Universities Statement

Oklahoma State University released a formal statement after Mike Grundy created this minor scandal. They expressed that adherence on public health and federal guidelines have been implemented since day one. Our best interests stand behind the citizens of Oklahoma and the United States of America. We’ll continue to mandate our operations based on the guidelines from federal and state authorities. We won’t compromise the safety of Oklahoma State University or her subsidiary campuses. Mike Grundy has been advised on the severity of this situation.

The Ignorance of Mike Grundy

It should be mentioned that Mike Grundy is a right-wing politician enthusiast who has often supported the actions of Donald Trump. In all interviews he maintained last week, racist behaviour was displayed numerous times. These actions will enforce his inevitable termination at Oklahoma State University. Grundy continually showed a significant level of insensitivity towards infected individuals, claiming they should be placed into specialized camps so that the rest of America can resume to normal behaviour. This is similar thinking to a former WWII leader.

New Orleans Coach Contracts Covid-19

Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints Head Coach, confirmed that he’d contracted the novel coronavirus. This leader is resting in his home while implementing self-isolation strategies, meaning that family have been positioned somewhere else in New Orleans. When asked why he informed the public of his novel coronavirus, Sean Payton noted that he wants to motivate locals to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic. This information was publicly announced through ESPN Sports, where Sean Payton would quickly post a photo to Instagram to confirm the announcement.

The Instagram post expressed that Payton appreciates the good wishes and that he’s begun feeling better. It should be noted that Sean Payton hasn’t experienced the respiratory symptoms associated with Covid-19. He’ll have to remain quarantined inside for an additional four days before being provided clearance by local government officials. Sean Payton is the first NFL Coach to announce his diagnosis, with it being expected that several others have secretly contracted Covid-19 and are keeping it from the public.

Sean Payton was tested on March 23rd for the novel coronavirus. He wouldn’t receive results until March 27th. It’s suspected that Payton contracted the virus after attending various meetings on behalf of the New Orleans Saints. After feeling ill on March 22nd, he was inducted into the local hospital and returned home for self-quarantine measures. Family members were informed about distancing themselves from Sean Payton immediately.

ESPN Interview

When speaking to ESPN Reporters, Sean Payton mentioned that he isn’t experiencing severe side effects. That means the NFL Coach is an elderly male without respiratory symptoms, placing him into a different minority worldwide. Statements continued by Payton noting younger people have to better themselves throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. A large percentage of young adults have carried out their regular lives without considering the consequences towards others. It was noted that everyone must do their part across America to ensure public safety.

Sean Payton clarified that two states should be mainly governed, with those including New Orleans and Louisiana. An overwhelming number of international tourists ranging between 21 – 28 years of age attend these states yearly for Mardi Gras. Considering that spring is right around the corner, Payton believes that government enforcement should be implemented to avoid another Daytona Beach situation.

Spanish Soccer Coach Passes Away from Covid-19

Medical experts in Spain have unveiled the youngest individuals to contract Covid-19 in their home nation. That individual is Francisco Garcia, aged twenty. Confirming that he contracted the coronavirus came as a significant shock for parents in Malaga. That’s because Francisco Garcia is the Youth Coach for Atletico Portada. Some believe he could’ve contracted the virus to younger hosts, with Francisco Garcia, unfortunately, dying from Covid-19 after battling it for two weeks on March 15th.

The Atletico Portada Football Club provided a formal announcement regarding this death. It was mentioned that their deepest condolences are expressed to the relatives, family and friends of Francisco Garcia. When the family was questioned on Garcia’s rate of infection, they noted that his health declined immediately within four days and prompted his death. Considering that Francisco Garcia was a healthy footballer at twenty-years of age, its shocked medical experts that this Youth Coach didn’t have any formal medical conditions. Autopsies were held to locate any previously unknown medical conditions that would’ve allowed the coronavirus to thrive in Francisco Garcia’s system.

Doctors informed Francisco to take three doses of paracetamol daily to limit the sore throat that initially started. After twelve hours, his condition deteriorated and prompted Garcia’s parent to rush him to the emergency room. ER Doctors provided minimal help to the Youth Coach, providing him antibiotics and returned him home. The limited medical assistance prompted Francisco’s condition to worsen and eventually pass away. It should be noted that his step-father now has Covid-19 and can barely stand with an increasing fever. It’s expected that under this fathers older age, he’ll also be unable to recover and ultimately pass away from the coronavirus.

No Funeral

Neither parents were permitted to say goodbye to their son. They weren’t provided with a burial, mass grave site or ashes after Francisco Garcia passed away. That’s because individuals that have died from Covid-19 are being burned and immediately disposed of in the most effective medical methods possible. Before Garcia was burned, medical experts performed an autopsy and revealed that Francisco had undiagnosed leukaemia. That would’ve made it nearly impossible for his body to fight off Covid-19. The parents expressed publicly that they never thought this virus would kill their son and are devastated by this loss.

Philadelphia Union Head Coach Talks Coronavirus

March 12th marked an important date for the COVID-19 Pandemic. There was an influx of announcements surrounding cancellations regarding sporting events, with Major League Soccer included in those flurries of reports. It was confirmed that MLS would be postponed by thirty days following the increased outbreak in North America. This came as a substantial disappointment for the Philadelphia Union, who were preparing to experience their home opener on March 14th. Supporters of this MLS outfit were excited for the home opener, with the Philadelphia Union tying LAFC 3-3 in an exciting draw.

It should be mentioned that the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have also postponed their respective seasons. Considering that all MLS teams were training for the upcoming weekend, it was surprising to players and team coaches alike to learn that the season would be postponed. The Head Coach for the Philadelphia Union, Jim Curtin, held a press conference regarding the unexpected announcement.

He mentioned that when the announcement came in, everybody was training in anticipation of San Jose. Everyone was immediately informed to walk off the field and implement self-isolation tactics. Jim Curtin noted that there’s an uneasy feeling around the MLS Community, with nobody particularly aware of what’s coming in the next month. There’s the potential that the coronavirus outbreak in North America will become a pandemic, which would prompt extended delays of sporting events. Some analysts anticipate that 2020 will historically be considered “The Year Sports Ended”.

The Quarantine Protocols

When questioned by reporters if the Philadelphia Union’s are supporting the decision to postpone the season for thirty days, Jim Curtin expressed that he believes MLS Executives made the correct decision. The safety and health of the overall MLS community have become drastically essential for all twenty-six outfits.

All employed individuals with Major League Soccer have been informed to stay away from their respective training facilities going forward. Additional updates will be provided on March 16th, with it being expected that players will be told to train privately in their separate residences. Coaches will have video-conference calls with these players to ensure the proper strategies are being taught. This level of coaching will never have been experienced by Jim Curtin or anybody else operating within MLS.