Coaching Lineup Changing for Cleveland Browns

After considerable speculation relating to the Chris Jones tenure with the Cleveland Browns, it’s been announced that he’ll be leaving this National Football League Organization. It follows after he left the Canadian Football League, where he stood as the General Manager and Head Coach for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Chris Jones joined the NFL as a Senior Defensive Specialist in January 2019, working under Freddie Kitchens in his rookie season. Freddie Kitchens was terminated after a single season with the Cleveland Browns, leaving the remaining coaching staff to be fired potentially. Christ Jones is the 1st of Kitchens selections to be fired.

Kevin Stefanski is taking the position of Head Coach for the Cleveland Browns in 2020, with this former athlete selecting Joe Woods for the defensive coordinator role. The Senior Defensive Specialist position was awarded to Steve Wilks, forcing Chris Jones to leave his previous position. This doesn’t mean that Jones won’t remain with the Buffalo Bills in some capacity, with his contract active until December 2020. Rumours indicate that he’ll be placed into an analytic role, which would better suit his history as a former general manager and head coach.

The Future & Past for Jones

Sporting analysts are speculating that Chris Jones will return to the Canadian Football League in 2021. The exit clause option under his contract would be foolish to enact, with all CFL Staff Roles taken for the 2020 season. New caps placed onto football operational personally with the CFL means that limited funds are available for outfits to acquire Jones. He’ll become one of the most desired coaches with the 2021 CFL Season, as the former Saskatchewan general manager acquired multiple grey cups.

Those championship victories were acquired for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Saskatchewan. Chris Jones proved countless times that his coaching tactics created champion-winning teams. It’s not known if Kevin Stefanski plans to re-hire Chris Jones for the 2021 NFL Season, with his restructuring not indicating that Jones isn’t active under a coaching staff position anymore. When visiting the Cleveland Browns website, Chris Jones cannot be located on any page. This leads many to believe he’ll return to the CFL instead of the NFL.

Texas Head Coach Resigns for General Manager Position

Another shocking resignation was announced this week, with Bill O’Brien leaving the Houston Texas in June. It’s not known who will take over the newly available General Manager position, which will be vacant until a new applicant can be found. The Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Houston Texans will take over the GM responsibilities until a new candidate is located.