DC United Head Coach Addresses Team Downfall

Ben Olsen from DC United spoke with the media after their terrible loss against Atlanta United. The Head Coach was forced to address team-wide issues after experiencing their 3rd consecutive defeat, with Ben Olsen displayed bullish emotion towards the situation. For someone that’s dedicated thousands of hours towards professional coaching, whenever players aren’t listening to strategies, Ben Olsen removes his sympathies.

DC United experiencing three consecutive losses marks their worst record for the 2020 & 2019 seasons. It’d left the football club in disarray, with players not performing admirably to the directions of Head Coach Ben Olsen. This included Frederic Brillant & Russel Canouse, who were both forced to leave this match after committing illegal moves. Reactions seen from Ben Olsen on the sidelines weren’t positive, with better reactions expected when playing professional football.

Head Coach Ben Olsen addressed the media regarding this situation, clarifying that DC United has become fragile & is surrounded by emotional men. Olsen evoked that from a professional football standpoint, it’s not good for the team & implements bad combinations with their defensive group. DC United’s Head Coach mentioned that throughout his decade of professional coaching, he’s come across this scenario twice & knows the solution to return these boys into men.

Necessary Demands

His direct approach towards weakness being displayed by his squad was shocking. Most coaches don’t verbally attack their players by calling them emotional & fragile. However, Ben Olsen isn’t your standard Head Coach & is known for achieving results. Those in DC United that cannot handle being told to commit will be terminated. For millions of dollars, these footballers shouldn’t ever question the directives of their coach. It’s showing a growing imbalance of weakness amongst professional sports in America, and worldwide.

Head Coach Ben Olsen finalized his address to the media by retorting; DC United must begin acting & playing with greater combative skill sets. Ben Olsen has publicly demanded his footballers improve their quality of play, and that the pandemic isn’t an excuse for their weakness. Billions worldwide are concerned about COVID-19 but must engage in daily life. These DC United footballers don’t get the pass because their minorly famous.