Greg Vanney on MLS Restart

The German Football League returned to operations earlier this week, with Bundesliga now garnering attention from all other soccer associations worldwide. One of those associations is Major League Soccer, who will review Bundesliga to determine if their restart plan can work for MLS. It should be noted this information follows after MLS Executives announced that Orlando is being considered as a potential site to host matches. If Bundesliga proves that their strategic plan works, MLS will more than likely move forward with the Orlando Plan.

There’ve been multiple coaches in Major League Soccer that’ve provided their insight into this situation. One such individual is Greg Vanney, who revealed that everybody is watching Bundesliga see what happens with their respective footballers. This doesn’t include team personnel and coaching staff, but also the players themselves. Everyone is growing anxious over the situation with terminated matches. Greg Vanney, the TFC Head Coach, suspects that players will begin responding emotionally if the competition isn’t brought back shortly.

Vanney than spoke about the protocols implemented by Bundesliga, with Greg noting it provides MLS something to assess and consider when restarting their respective season. There’s a considerable difference between the United States of America and Germany, with the USA experiencing an influx of confirmed infections and deaths. Even with there being more than 86+ thousand deaths in the United States, MLS plans to restart operations.

Relaunch Date

The TFC Head Coach highlighted that Major League Soccer has a vision for possible strategies. Vanney believes there’s light at the end of COVID-19s tunnel, with MLS being victorious and more popular than ever before. This vision includes hosting at games at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disneyland. It’s rumoured that those matches will begin on June 1st, 2020.

The Toronto Football Club is preparing themselves for the upcoming season restart. Players are training at two separate facilities in the Toronto region, with specific restrictions implemented by MLS Corporate. Four players are permitted simultaneously to prepare, with those individuals having to distance themselves by ten feet. This controlled environment is what will allow TFC to be a formidable force with MLS resumes on June 1st.