Jurgen Klopp Named Premier League’s Manager of the Season

The Premier League have named their Manager of the Season for 2019-20. It’s been confirmed that Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool FC has obtained this title. It marks the 1st Liverpool Head Coach in years to get the title, which follows after Jurgen Klopp led his football club to a championship victory. It’s the first victory for Liverpool in three decades, which came when Jurgen Klopp out-coached Manchester Cities Head Coach & multiple other teams. Liverpool FC would stand 18-Points above any other side in 2020. Competition for Jurgen Klopp in obtaining Manager of the Season included Brendan Rogers, Chris Wilder, and Frank Lampard. Rogers is Head Coach of Leicester City FC & Chris Wilder coaches Sheffield United. Chelsea FC’s Frank Lampard was second running in acquiring this award.

However, one of these opposing teams did see a member of their organization obtain a notable award. Trent Alexander-Arnold for Sheffield United acquired the “Premier Leagues Young Player of the Season” award, with Trent standing as a distinguished defender. Liverpool obtained three nominations this season & saw none of their players become winners. It’s another substantial disappointment for Liverpool, who have faced a consistent backlash from supporters in their rise to Premier League Champions.

Liverpool FC obtained the highest record of consecutive wins in Premier League history, standing as eighteen back-to-back victories in the Championships. This occurred from October 2019 to February 2020. Every home game for Liverpool FC was rightfully won, making an organization record of twenty-three victories at home. Another club record included the unbelievable fact that Liverpool went forty-forty matches without defeat.

The History of Jurgen Klopp

Under these notable records, it’s unsurprising that Jurgen Klopp has been awarded the title of “Manager of the Year”. He stands at 53 Years of Age, maintaining formidable accomplishments throughout his coaching history. This included assisting Borussia Dortmund in obtaining a championship title in the Premier League, UEFA Super Cup, Champions League, and FIFA World Cup. Getting another Championship with Liverpool FC marks a dry-spell period of Jurgen Klopp ending as well, with dedicated supporters of the Head Coach invoking that he’ll obtain multiple championships for Liverpool from now on. This would follow suit with his time at Borussia Dortmund.