Le’Veon Bell Attacks NYJ Head Coach

Athletes throughout 2020 have become considerably more vocal, attacking their head coaches for decisions they find unfavourable. The most recent instance of an NFL footballer vocalizing his opinions on the coaching staff is Le’Veon Bell. This running back verbally assaulted the New York Jets Head Coach, questioning why Adam Gase would remove him from a squad-based scrimmage during practice.

When questioned on the verbal assault that occurred last week, Adam Gase stated on August 28th that he wasn’t expecting Le’Veon Bell to issue these statements over Twitter. The NY Jets Head Coach mentioned that they’d discussed the issue, telling his footballer that their professional relationship doesn’t need to become public information. It’s considered highly immature to attack coaches via social media in any professional sporting league & this decision will reflect poorly on Le’Veon Bells character.

Their dispute began on August 26th, when the squad was split into two & told to scrimmage for training purposes. Adam Gase revealed that hamstring tightness was evident in Le’Veon Bell, forcing the NY Jets Head Coach to sideline the running back. His replacement for the scrimmage included Frank Gore as first, who was switched out later for La’Mical Perine. Minutes after learning he wouldn’t be permitted into this scrimmage, Le’Veon Bell took to Twitter & released a formal attack against his coach. Bell stated that there wasn’t anything wrong with his hamstrings, that it’s becoming difficult to stand around & do nothing when he’s used to being a leader behind strategies. It’s not surprising that Le’Veon Bell attacked Adam Gase through Twitter, these two men have maintained issues since the running back joined the NY jets in March 2019.

Resentment from Le’Veon Bell

Medical reports from the evening of August 26th saw that on-site personnel noted hamstring tightness with Le’Veon Bell. This suggests that his statement over Twitter is more from harboured resentment. Continued behaviour of this nature from Le’Veon Bell will see him traded to another lower-ranked team for the 2021 season. It appears the legacy of Bell is starting to dwindle, which isn’t surprising after his statistics have dropped season-after-season for two years.