Michigan State University Hires New Head Coach

Alterations in the coaching staff for Michigan State University have been underway during the winter break. The first confirmed change follows with the Head Coach, who has been named as Mel Tucker. Aged forty-eight, this man has spent 20+ engaging with the football youth and seen multiple players under his outfits enter the National Football League. He began coaching with Michigan, employed as the Graduate Assistant Coach for Nick Saban. After terminating his coaching contract with MCU, Tucker went to work with multiple universities and college football organizations. Joining Michigan sees Mel Tucker leave Colorado after lengthy employment. Tucker considered this the hardest decision in his coaching career but had to switch sides for sentimental reasons. If it wasn’t for Michigan State University, Mel Tucker might’ve never become a football coach.

Mel Tucker is leaving his head coaching position with Colorado State University with 23+ years of experience. The announcement of his termination has broken Colorado’s program, with players requesting that he remain with this outfit. The athletics director for CSU mentioned that all individuals connected with their football program are disappointed to see him leave, with replacements already being searched before Mid-Season. Assistant Coaching Staff will lead this outfit until a new Head Coach can be located.

Mel Tucker’s History

The extensive coaching history behind Mel Tucker includes multiple notable moments. He acted as the defensive coach for the 2015-18 Southeastern Conferences. Throughout 2001 to 2004, Tucker was the head coach for Ohio State University. After leaving OSU in 2005, he joined the National Football League for ten seasons. Mel Tucker would spend twelve months with the University of Colorado before leaving for Michigan. Players expressed that he guaranteed the rookie players four seasons until their graduation and that they’re shocked with him turning back on his word.

Additional moments to remember throughout Mel Tucker’s career include two national championships under the Ohio State University, with a third acquired under the Alabama State University in 2015. Before entering the role of defensive coach, Mel Tucker was a professional player for the University of Wisconsin until 1995, where he’d acquire an NFL contract for five seasons. When speaking with reporters at ESPN or TSN, Mel Tucker expressed that he’s coaches multiple outfits but hasn’t ever been so excited to start a new position. Sentiment towards his previous time with the University of Michigan became evident, with him expressing that all skillsets he’s acquired through 25+ years of football will be implemented into his strategies with MCU.