New Orleans Coach Contracts Covid-19

Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints Head Coach, confirmed that he’d contracted the novel coronavirus. This leader is resting in his home while implementing self-isolation strategies, meaning that family have been positioned somewhere else in New Orleans. When asked why he informed the public of his novel coronavirus, Sean Payton noted that he wants to motivate locals to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic. This information was publicly announced through ESPN Sports, where Sean Payton would quickly post a photo to Instagram to confirm the announcement.

The Instagram post expressed that Payton appreciates the good wishes and that he’s begun feeling better. It should be noted that Sean Payton hasn’t experienced the respiratory symptoms associated with Covid-19. He’ll have to remain quarantined inside for an additional four days before being provided clearance by local government officials. Sean Payton is the first NFL Coach to announce his diagnosis, with it being expected that several others have secretly contracted Covid-19 and are keeping it from the public.

Sean Payton was tested on March 23rd for the novel coronavirus. He wouldn’t receive results until March 27th. It’s suspected that Payton contracted the virus after attending various meetings on behalf of the New Orleans Saints. After feeling ill on March 22nd, he was inducted into the local hospital and returned home for self-quarantine measures. Family members were informed about distancing themselves from Sean Payton immediately.

ESPN Interview

When speaking to ESPN Reporters, Sean Payton mentioned that he isn’t experiencing severe side effects. That means the NFL Coach is an elderly male without respiratory symptoms, placing him into a different minority worldwide. Statements continued by Payton noting younger people have to better themselves throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. A large percentage of young adults have carried out their regular lives without considering the consequences towards others. It was noted that everyone must do their part across America to ensure public safety.

Sean Payton clarified that two states should be mainly governed, with those including New Orleans and Louisiana. An overwhelming number of international tourists ranging between 21 – 28 years of age attend these states yearly for Mardi Gras. Considering that spring is right around the corner, Payton believes that government enforcement should be implemented to avoid another Daytona Beach situation.