Oklahoma State Coach Creates Minor Scandal

Multiple individuals throughout North America have begun expressing their thoughts on COVID-19 in a public manner. This extends towards Mike Grundy, the Football Coach for Oklahoma State. Grundy made remarks regarding how the seasonal restart would begin by May 1st and that individuals need to stop being so concerned with this virus. His comments follow after America hit 20+ thousand deaths, which caused for numerous individuals throughout Oklahoma to become offended. He apologized for his statements, but some sports analysts anticipate that he’ll be fired for these actions.

Mike Grundy made agreements with multiple news agencies to speak through a video teleconference. Each interview remarked similar statements, indicating that the Head Coach would break federal guidelines on Social Distancing. Oklahoma citizens called the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Mike Grundy’s comments, requesting that an informal investigation be implemented. It’s expected that the Bureau spoke with Oklahoma State and demanded these statements be revised. This would be the most straightforward and most viable solution for the current situation, with the FBI more concerned on other investigations.

The Universities Statement

Oklahoma State University released a formal statement after Mike Grundy created this minor scandal. They expressed that adherence on public health and federal guidelines have been implemented since day one. Our best interests stand behind the citizens of Oklahoma and the United States of America. We’ll continue to mandate our operations based on the guidelines from federal and state authorities. We won’t compromise the safety of Oklahoma State University or her subsidiary campuses. Mike Grundy has been advised on the severity of this situation.

The Ignorance of Mike Grundy

It should be mentioned that Mike Grundy is a right-wing politician enthusiast who has often supported the actions of Donald Trump. In all interviews he maintained last week, racist behaviour was displayed numerous times. These actions will enforce his inevitable termination at Oklahoma State University. Grundy continually showed a significant level of insensitivity towards infected individuals, claiming they should be placed into specialized camps so that the rest of America can resume to normal behaviour. This is similar thinking to a former WWII leader.