Qualities of a Sports Leader

Every team requires leadership. During difficult situations, players tend to search for a leader within their team, but unfortunately, not everyone has the skillset to successfully lead a team. It requires a special set of characteristics to make it as a sports leader. If you are interested in taking on the mantle within your team, ensure you tick all the requirements below.

Set An Example

As an authority figure and leader, your team members will follow you on any behavioural path of your choosing. Therefore, its vital that you head down the correct pathway for the good of the team. If you are seen raving and ranting at officials and players, or with your head down, or just conduct yourself in a very negative manner, your team members will behave in the same manner. The hardest workers tend to be the best leaders on the pitch which makes them the most respectful in the process.


Awareness is key as a team leader. There’s more than one method when it comes to leadership. A wide range of external factors should influence the approach you decide to take in various scenarios. Spending time with your teammates to build a relationship creates awareness. You need to learn how to react to certain tones and styles. If you suffer a horrible defeat, does your team members react better to a couple of harsh words. Or are the ones that require an arm around the shoulder while they lick their wounds?


Any sport comes with a great deal of passion. You will feel the same range of emotions on the pitch each and every weekend: disappointment when you are defeated and euphoria when you win. As a leader of your team, you will need to embody the positive end of those emotions, including passion, dedication, and commitment, to steer your team towards their own personal goals.


Enthusiasm is a similar quality to passion in a lot of ways and is a vital characteristic for a team leader which can be displayed in several ways. Out on the field, enthusiasm is getting to every ball first and providing encouragement to your team members, or simply motivating your team when things are looking down. Encouragement also encompasses your behaviour on a daily basis as a leader for your team and will usually be more important in the long run.


Coaches, or leaders of a team, will live and die by the decisions they make. As the implementor and creator of a strategy, or a key figure when it comes to decision making, you are required to have the ability and knowledge to stand by your convictions. Leaders are usually elevated into their roles due to their ability. Without the necessary abilities, your authority will immediately become undermined. You will need to strive for skill improvement which will place you in a better position to lead a team. This will also set a perfect example for others to improve their own abilities.