Ron Rivera Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

The Head Coach for the Washington Football Team, Ron Rivera, has officially been diagnosed with a challenging variation of skin cancer. This information was revealed as a WFT Spokesman on August 20th, where this individual clarified that Ron Rivera has “Squamous Cell Carcinoma”. Clarification was issued after ESPN first reported on Ron Rivera being ill, claiming that the Washing Football Team Head Coach had Lymph Node Cancer. Washington Football Club would take hours to inform ESPN & supporters that Rivera has “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” in his neck.

This announcement was made days after it’d be revealed that the Washington Football Team had hired their 1st African American Team president, that being Jason Wright. It’ll be this man that oversees the Washington Football Team in their rebranding efforts, which could notably include references towards recent movements. Most sports & political analysts have remarked that Washington’s Football Team hired an African American President to have the nation forget about their “Native Scandal”. For decades, the Washington Football Team was formally named “The Washington Redskins”, referencing Native Americans, which colonials had slaughtered.

The selection of Jason Wright prompted another onslaught of backlash for the Washington Football Club. However, the announcement that Ron Rivera had been diagnosed with “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” outweighed headlines regarding the employment of Jason Wright. Details regarding the future of Ron Rivera were given during the press announcement, noting that this Head Coach will continue his duties while maintaining treatment. It should be mentioned that Ron Rivera has worked with the Washington Football Club since January 2020, with his employment also looking to divert racist tensions against their former Redskins branding. Ron Rivera is 58 with a Puerto Rican & Mexican heritage.

Back-Up Plans

The Washington Football Club also revealed that a “Plan B” has been formalized in the instance that Ron Rivera cannot continue his coaching duties. There are instances where “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” will worsen, making the infected incapable of performing multiple duties without experiencing exhaustion shortly afterwards. This plan includes Jack Del Rio taking the responsibility of Head Coach, with his current position listed as Defensive Coordinator.