Significance of Safety Equipment is in Exercise and Sports

While activities such as walking require little equipment, other physical activities require the correct equipment for the prevention of injuries. Most importantly the equipment required need to be in good conditions especially when it comes to sports helmets. Sporting injuries can involve either over-use or traumatic injuries, of with the latter occurs suddenly and show in most cases instant signs of injury via bruising, swelling or pain. These injuries could be caused by internal factors such as a muscle pull while others happen due to external factors such as the collision with another person.

External injuries can also be caused by equipment in which the most common are blisters caused by using new shoes or a new racket. Injuries can also occur via accidents and the main aim of taking safety precautions is to prevent accidents. Some sports activities have a much higher risk of injury than others, in ice skating or dancing there is the risk of slipping, or a performer dropping his/her partner. Outdoor activities are in most cases riskier especially challenging activities such as rock climbing, skiing or canoeing. Internal injury causes build up over an extended period, which makes them more challenging to diagnose and some that are quite common includes stress fractures, shin splints, tennis and golfer’s elbow.

Properly fitting Footwear

Wearing the correct footwear is important no matter the physical activity since most boots or sports shoes provide cushioning and blisters is most common when footwear is not a proper and comfortable fit. It is most important to replace footwear that is worn-out no matter whether you’re a runner, cyclist or rock-climber as it prevents sprains and twists.

Mouth Guards and Gum Shield Protection

Mainly worn in action and contact sport such as boxing, rugby, hockey or soccer, mouth guards protect the mouth and the face. It is highly important that it should be made by a dentist to ensure the mouth guard fits properly and offers the best protection.

Protective Padding in Sports Activities

In physical sports such as American Football, hockey, football or cricket players are protected via several forms of padding to prevent injury. In cricket, participants wear gloves, arm pads, leg pads and helmets as well as a box guard to protect them during wicket keeping or batting. Hockey players and footballers wear padding in the form of shin pads, while goalkeepers wear body pads, helmets and leg pads as protection. It is most important that the pads are placed correctly to be effective.

Outdoor Safety Equipment

Individuals who partake in outdoor sporting events normally use additional safety equipment, sailors and canoeists wear life jackets and buoyancy aids to assist in the case where they land in the water. Mountaineers and rock-climbers use harnesses with safety ropes attached to help in case of a slip or fall. Safety equipment is vital whether individuals follow a fitness plan or participates in any form of spots since a single injury can knock back your fitness for months.