Sonia Raman Hired as Memphis Grizzlies Asst Coach

The Memphis Grizzlies announced their latest Assistant Coach, with that being Sonia Raman. She previously worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for twelve years, leading her Women’s Basketball Team for two champions in their conference & two appearances at the NCAA Tournament. Sonia Raman leaves MIT after the Memphis Grizzlies lost their previous assistant coach, Niele Ivey, to the Notre Dames. Niele Ivey was the 1st female coaching staff member with the Memphis Grizzlies & proved herself a favourable asset. Grizzly Owners didn’t hesitate to select a 2nd female coach to replace Ivey, and Sonia Raman was determined the best option.

Sonia Raman issued an official statement regarding his new position with the Memphis Grizzlies. She remarked his thrill & excitement behind working with the well-known coaching staff at Memphis. Sonia also noted that she’s looking forward to engaging with young female athletes that’ll likely lead the next generation of NCAA superstars. Coach Raman’s statements ended with thanks towards the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and to the countless woman, she had the honour of coaching for 10+ years. She’d wish the program success in their future.

The Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach, Taylor Jenkins, also provided a statement to ESPN on acquiring Sonia Raman. Jenkins emphasized that Sonia Raman will prove favourable for their basketball program, with the MIT Coach having a notably high IQ for basketball. Taylor noted that it’d been confirmed multiple times that Sonia is tremendous at teaching professional basketball and that she’ll influence the growth of their female athletes.

The History of Sonia Raman

Coach Sonia Raman graduated from Tufts University in Massachusetts. Her name would become known amongst state sporting communities, with Sonia playing four years of professional basketball & earning outstanding records for Tufts University. After graduating from Tufts University with an international relations bachelor arts degree, Sonia Raman obtains a Juris Doctor Degree from Boston College Law School in 2001. Before coaching with MIT, Sonia maintained an Assistant Coach Position with Wellesley College for six seasons. Her entrance into the Memphis Grizzlies places Sonia one step closed to a full-time position in the NCAA.