TFCs Greg Vanney on the Canadian National Anthem

The Head Coach for TFC has received minor criticism for standing during the Canadian national anthem. Greg Vanney is often quick to rebuttal against his media opponents, and this scenario wasn’t any different. The TFC Head Coach provided clarification towards his decision, and confirmed it was in-support of his fellow colleague. Greg Vanney wasn’t the exclusive member of the TFC Squad to stand during the national anthem, with Captain Michael Bradley also following suit with his Head Coach. It marked the first time that TFC personnel didn’t kneel for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Greg Vanney provided an official statement, noting that two reasons were behind his decision to stand. The 1st was for his assistant coach named Jason Brent, who is a Canadian Native. Jason Brent informed Greg that he’d be standing during the national anthem & requested he stand with him. Vanney defended his actions by stating after the national anthem, there was a moment of silence for Black lives Matter. Greg Vanney was seen kneeling during the one minute of dedicated silence.

Michael Bradley’s Reasoning

TFCs Captain found himself being pressed by reporters via videoconference, with their sympathies more directed as hatred. Michael Bradley noted that standing during the national anthem is something he’s thought about for a prolonged period, and that he’s spent considerable time reading about the subject matter. Bradley evoked that his opinion could be versed but is pointless and focused on real problems that impose our society today.

Michael Bradley stated that the individuals who initially began protesting via kneeling, have proven they don’t want genuine change or to engage in real conversations that can prompt solutions. Bradley believes hateful rhetoric is divisively being used without any nuances & middle ground. That’s when the TFC Captain evoked he’ll always stand behind racial equality and use his personality to assist the “End Racism Movement”.

End Racism Movement is Growing

Multiple sporting institutions have begun supporting the End Racism Movement, with that social campaign involving considerably less violence than BLM. Football clubs like TFC want to create an inclusive environment that benefits all races. That’s a challenging goal that will require full efforts from Greg Vanney, Michael Bradley, and the entirety of the TFC Squad.