The Best Coaching Advice You’ll Receive

One of the biggest questions in the world of coaching does have an answer, even if that answer is coming from an unexpected source. Though after hearing it, you might agree that this is some of the best coaching advice that any coach can receive. However, this advice is going to stem from you more than anyone else.

The best way to get the answer is to imagine yourself in our older age, maybe in your nineties, after you reached the point of knowing the importance of things in your life. This is considering both your personal life as well as your career. After you get this image clear in your head, just remember that this is some of the best advice you’re going to be getting and it’s coming from an older you.

Firstly, take a few deep breaths and get used to it, but in this case, think to as if you were slowly passing away and taking your final chance to breathe. But instead of meeting a morbid fate, you were given the gift to travel back in time to help yourself today and give you the best personalised advice you possibly could. Advice that would lead you to live out an incredible life.

Consider what really matters

Its true, the older version of yourself knows exactly what is truly important in both your personal life and your coaching career. While this may seem like a big step which involves processing information and evaluating – just take your time. Write out the things that appear in your mind more than once and separate them into two categories – one for personal advice about relationships, family, etc., and one for professionalism.

No matter what, if the older version of you thinks that you’re doing well in these areas then you probably are making the right choices for yourself now. Although, if older future you think you’re screwing up somewhere – chances are you might be. Just remember at the end of the tunnel there’s only one person that you should day your impressed – yourself.

Start evaluating your current life

In the western world, there is a common mantra that is commonly heard daily – the “I will be happy when …” idea. It starts off innocently enough with thoughts of happiness relating to tangible items, such as after getting the promotion, the increase in money, the higher the status. Though this is a disease and the best way to cure it is to start finding happiness and meaning in your life presently. The fact of the matter is when your older and, on your deathbed, it’s going to be family and close friends waving goodbye – the job or your coworkers won’t be in most cases. So, be sure to prioritise what’s truly important to you.

Follow your dreams

One of the most notable recurring thoughts of older people is the wish that they followed their dreams way earlier instead of using them back. Its true, not every dream is achievable or realistic, but that doesn’t mean that you should just automatically give it up before even starting. At least with that mindset, you can always say that you tried rather than come up with reasons on why you didn’t.