University Athletics Coach Fired for Sexual Relationship

Shocking news has come out of the University of Guelph. It was revealed by Athletics Canada that a coach and student engaged in an under-age sexual relationship, which ended up being deeply disturbing. The Athletics Commission and Canada confirmed this news, with the Globe & Mail first publishing the story that a field coach named Dave Scott-Thomas committed borderline sadistic. Multiple female students were groomed for a sexual relationship with the track and field coach. Athletics Canada confirmed that they’re investigating all instances that Dave Scott-Thomas coached under this administration, which included sixteen occasions under Canadian national Teams. This included the 2016 Rio Olympics. This horrendous man could’ve attacked multiple other female athletes.

The University of Guelph was quick to respond to these allegations. Statements were provided on the official website, which expressed a series of complaints from 2006. Complains came from family members relating to Megan Brown, the woman sexually assaulted by Dave Scott-Thomas. Investigations didn’t reveal any pivotal information that indicated sexual misconduct. However, those prior investigations revealed additional illegal behaviour from this track coach which resulted in four weeks of paid leave. Mostly, he was paid to take a vacation while news dissipated from the campus.

What prompted his inevitable termination from the UOG was an additional complaint filed earlier this year. External investigators were hired by family members, which revealed numerous counts of sexual misconduct. Investigations from external sources indicate that Dave Scott-Thomas had lied countless times since 2006 to avoid termination. Investigators are now determining if the University of Guelph knew and allowed for these illegal relationships, which could prompt a larger story of corruption.

Athletic Canada Reveals Additional Details

Athletic Canada, in their official statement earlier this week, expressed that Dave Scott-Thomas influenced a seventeen-year-old woman into a sexual relationship. This was accomplished with threats regarding their future athletic careers, demanding that sexual favours be provided for chances at professional track and field. Investigators believe that sexual misconduct with women from Dave could be bellow fifteen years of age.