Gerard Houllier Passes at 73

An unfortunate announcement was issued by the French Football Federation. It’d been revealed that Gerard Houllier had passed at 73. This saddened supporters across France, who knew Houllier for his contributions to the national club.

Three titles were acquired by Gerard Houllier for France, with an additional three following while coaching Liverpool. It’s an upsetting announcement for long-time supporters of Houllier, who knew the disappointment felt by this influential coach after losing 2019s championship is an unexpected manner. It’d be revealed that the cause of death regarded complications with heart surgery. However, Gerard Houllier would die peacefully amongst loved ones.

Liverpool issued a formal statement regarding the influential coaches passing, emphasising that their mourning the loss of this award-winning legend. It’d be evoked that everyone involved with Liverpool FC have their thoughts & prayers with the Houllier family. A final Rest in Peace was mentioned, marking Liverpool’s end with Gerard. It’s an unfortunate reality that’s rocked dedicated supporters of France’s National Football Club & Liverpool FC.

Tributes gives to Gerard Houllier were beyond expectations, with French President Emmanuel Macros making an official statement regarding his death. Emmanuel would state his devastation behind losing Houllier, a man he adored & loved after years of knowing him on a personal level. It’d shock numerous residents in France to learn their President was friends with Gerard Houllier.

The Up & Downs

It should be mentioned that the timeframe sustained for Gerard Houllier as Head Coach for France’s National Team was minimal. He’d hold that privilege between 1990-94, acquiring multiple championships under the UEFA Division. Unfortunately, the FA Cup wouldn’t ever be sustained by Houllier. Multiple times throughout his retirement saw the Head Coach mention his disappointment & desire to try another time. That won’t be possible any longer, prompting sadness into his dedicated supporters.

It’ll be Gerard Houllier’s tenure with Liverpool FC that’s fondly remembered, with championship after championship being acquired until 2001. Houllier is often quoted with building Liverpool by football analysts.