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Nick Nurse Donates $20k to Music Foundation

Canadians are known for supporting charities worldwide, with national consensus indicating that civilians in Canada have pride behind stereotype that Canadians are kinder than most. This was proven again by Nick Nurse, the Head Coach for the Toronto Raptors. Announcements were issued by a local city that confirmed Nick Nurse had donated $20,000.00 after Christmas.

The donation issued by Nick Nurse enables children in Hamilton, Ontario to receive music programming & first-hand instruments. The foundation receiving this donation is named the Hamilton Music Collective, which sustains a specialized program called “An Instrument for Every Child”. Young people throughout the region are introduced to music through this program. Hamilton, Ontario is known for sustaining high percentages of drug usage. It’s led towards children being disadvantaged & multiple underprivileged neighborhoods becoming slumlands. Considering that Nick Nurse holds sentimental memories to Hamilton, the Raptors Head Coach has donated diligently in hopes of revitalizing the industrial town. Children throughout Hamilton are welcomed to this program, which is considered free of racial stereotypes & equal for all to participate. Those that join “An Instrument for Every Child” have access to the following services:

  • Song Writing Lessons
  • Music Program Tutorials
  • Instrument Learning Lessons
  • Music Therapy

Fourteen schools throughout the Hamilton Region are partnered alongside the AIEC Program, enabling 650 students to have the programming necessary to thrive behind music. Head Coach Nick Nurse wouldn’t need to make donations if the Ontario Government supported musical development in schools. That support was eliminated when the Conservative Party sustained victory in Ontario. The Nick Nurse Foundation said they’ll continue to empower & enable children to thrive behind music, with the socio-economic position of the Conservative Party not stopping this region from growing. The Nick Nurse Foundation launched in January 2020, with their primary dedication to support young adults & children throughout Ontario. It follows after Nick Nurse himself grew concerned that students didn’t have access to prominent resources in Ontario.

Toronto Raptors Revise Coaching Lineup

Adjustments to coaching personnel with prominent institutions in professional sports happens regularly, showing a strategic requirement to locate new methods for championship acquisition. The Toronto Raptors proved strategic improvements with coaching personnel is needed after championship goals aren’t an accomplishment. The individuals terminated for their coaching positions were prominent in Toronto acquiring the “NBA Championship” in 2019. Team owners became unimpressed when the winning streak couldn’t be continued, not accounting for physical & mental challenges associated to Covid.

New additions & promotions inside the Toronto Raptors coaching staff include Chris Finch & Jama Mahlalela, which those individuals selected based off strategic relationships. These acquisitions followed after Head Coach Nick Nurse determined changes were required, with Nurse being Toronto’s latest leader & desiring an outfit more suitable under his leadership.

The New Additions

The National Basketball Association witnessed Chris Finch entering coaching duties in 2011, beginning his career with the Houston Rockets & sustaining that position for five seasons. An inevitable transfer arrived for Finch with the Denver Nuggets, which suffered a single season. The Orleans Pelicans would acquire Chris Finch for the 2017 campaign, with that working relationship sustaining three seasons. It wouldn’t be until the Toronto Raptors elected Nick Nurse as Head Coach that Finch left the Pelicans. He’ll begin his position of Assistant Coach starting this 2020/21 NBA season.

Jama Mahlalela holds prominence throughout the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. His career began with the University of British Columbia, competing on the collegiate level. After acquiring his diploma, Mahlalela was offered an assistant coaching position with the University of Toronto. Evident skillsets with coaching saw the Toronto Raptors inquire about Mahlalela in 2013, with the Assistant Coach not leaving until 2018. He’d be offered Head Coach with “The Raptors 905”, an affiliate team for the NBA squad. After two seasons with this organization, Chris Finch has requested that Jama Mahlalela returns as Assistant Coach. It should be noted that the newest acquisitions hold prominent relationships with Chris Finch.

Sonia Raman Hired as Memphis Grizzlies Asst Coach

The Memphis Grizzlies announced their latest Assistant Coach, with that being Sonia Raman. She previously worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for twelve years, leading her Women’s Basketball Team for two champions in their conference & two appearances at the NCAA Tournament. Sonia Raman leaves MIT after the Memphis Grizzlies lost their previous assistant coach, Niele Ivey, to the Notre Dames. Niele Ivey was the 1st female coaching staff member with the Memphis Grizzlies & proved herself a favourable asset. Grizzly Owners didn’t hesitate to select a 2nd female coach to replace Ivey, and Sonia Raman was determined the best option.

Sonia Raman issued an official statement regarding his new position with the Memphis Grizzlies. She remarked his thrill & excitement behind working with the well-known coaching staff at Memphis. Sonia also noted that she’s looking forward to engaging with young female athletes that’ll likely lead the next generation of NCAA superstars. Coach Raman’s statements ended with thanks towards the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and to the countless woman, she had the honour of coaching for 10+ years. She’d wish the program success in their future.

The Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach, Taylor Jenkins, also provided a statement to ESPN on acquiring Sonia Raman. Jenkins emphasized that Sonia Raman will prove favourable for their basketball program, with the MIT Coach having a notably high IQ for basketball. Taylor noted that it’d been confirmed multiple times that Sonia is tremendous at teaching professional basketball and that she’ll influence the growth of their female athletes.

The History of Sonia Raman

Coach Sonia Raman graduated from Tufts University in Massachusetts. Her name would become known amongst state sporting communities, with Sonia playing four years of professional basketball & earning outstanding records for Tufts University. After graduating from Tufts University with an international relations bachelor arts degree, Sonia Raman obtains a Juris Doctor Degree from Boston College Law School in 2001. Before coaching with MIT, Sonia maintained an Assistant Coach Position with Wellesley College for six seasons. Her entrance into the Memphis Grizzlies places Sonia one step closed to a full-time position in the NCAA.

Steve Nash Becomes Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

The National Basketball Association & Brooklyn Nets were excited to announce the acquisition of Steve Nash as Head Coach. The former NBA champion has signed a four-year contract agreement with the Brooklyn Nets and comes after Kenny Atkinson was fired in March 2020. Jacque Vaughn held the position of “Interim Head Coach” and will remain on with the Brooklyn Nets as Assistant Coach.

Online support behind the acquisition of Steve Nash has been promising with Brooklyn Nets fans. Nash is an NBA Hall of Famer that throughout the 90s, rivalled Michael Jordan & Shaq for popularity. Steve Nash issued an official statement. He’d emphasize his honour & excitement to coach a legendary organization like the Brooklyn Nets. He thanked team owners & his wife for having confidence behind him. It won’t be challenging for Steve Nash to transfer his basketball skillsets into professional coaching, and his acquisition could allow the Brooklyn Nets to become contenders for the 2020-21 NBA Championship.

Statements from Steve Nash continued, where the Hall of Famer & NBA Most Valuable Player emphasized that coaching was a dream of his since leaving professional basketball. Accomplishing this goal has Nash humbled, where he’d note that Brooklyn Net players and staff are an outstanding group. Steve mentioned his excitement towards the potential of this team by 2025.

The History of Steve Nash

Surprisingly, it took Steve Nash five years to receive a professional coaching contract. He’s been employed by the Golden State Warriors as their “Player Development Consultant” since 2015. This period of Steve’s life saw a formidable friendship flourish with Kevin Durant, prompting his opportunity with the Brooklyn Nets. Inside sources state that Durant rallied for Steve Nash to become their head coach.

It should be mentioned that Steve Nash maintained an eighteen-year career in the National Basketball Association. He’d obtain the 2005 & 2006 Most Valuable Player Awards, becoming the 10th basketballer to achieve back-to-back MVP titles in NBA history. Nash’s time spent with the Phoenix Suns saw another relationship unfold with Sean Marks, the General Manager of the Brooklyn Nets. Sean Marks & Kevin Durant backing Steve Nash with team owners cemented his placement as Head Coach.

Washington Wizards Coach Upset by Anti-Maskers

Scott Brooks, Head Coach for the Washington Wizards, has expressed that those arguing against the usage of face masks don’t have solid arguments. His sentiments come as Anti-Maskers in the United States continues to grow, extending towards the National Basketball Association. Multiple players have refused to wear masks & then been informed that the choice isn’t there’s while working under the NBA.

The Washington Wizards Head Coach emphasized that he didn’t want to become political, but that he’d been embarrassed that specific individuals were fighting over wearing masks. He indicated that for himself, knowing that it assists his fellow man & ensures the lives of elderly civilians, is good enough for him. Scott Brooks suggested that it should be obvious to keep everyone safe.

Scott Brooks indicated that the National Basketball Association has been successful because they’ve refused players that don’t want to wear masks. The Head Coach than praised the NBA for their prompt testing of COVID-19, ensuring that everyone is safe in the bubble. It should be clarified that the National Basketball Association didn’t have a single confirmed infection of COVID-19 amongst their 346 professional players. This was their 2nd test, with the initial analysis on July 13th revealing two diseases. No other professional sport in America has maintained such low infection numbers, not even the UFC.

The Yin & Yang

It’s evident reviewing the social media of professional basketballers that these men are beginning to adjust their lifestyles within the NBA bubble. This means adhering to Health & Safety Protocols, while also social distancing. Surprisingly, NBA athletes haven’t disobeyed the coronavirus measures, with their lifestyles often regarding parties & luxurious entertainment. Some athletes like Chris Middleton from the Milwaukee Bucks believe that the new environment is relaxed & doesn’t provide any discomfort to his fellow competitors.

Some have been angered by the National Basketball Associations protocols, including Dwight Howard from the Los Angeles Lakes. He’s publicly questioned NBA executives on why they’re required to wear masks around the ESPN World of Sports Campus in Disney World. He’d be told it’s to protect all other professional sports operating in the Campus borders, making Dwight Howard look foolish to thousands in America.

Head Coach for Chicago Bulls in Hot Water

Alterations were recently made within the Chicago Bulls Corporate Division. It was determined that a new VP of Operations as required, allowing for modern mentalities & strategies to be enacted. This follows after their presence in the NBA has dwindled against other powers like the LA Lakers & Miami heat. It was expected that Arturas Karnisovas, the individual that was employed to take on the role of Operations VP, would alternate the coaching staff. No announcements regarding changes with Chicago Bulls Coaching Staff have been announced, with Arturas noting he’s not met with these team members. Interaction in-person isn’t possible amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been asked what will happen with Jim Boylen, the Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls. Sporting analysts speculate that Arturas Karnisovas will determine his professional coaching career in basketball. Boylen losing his position will enact a downhill slope that’ll end at the level of College or High School coaching. It follows after the Chicago Bulls haven’t obtained a playoff position for five seasons. Considering the overwhelming dominance this organization had during the 1990s & 2000s, it’s suspected that new executives will want to reach that point again. This leaves Boylen’s position in an inconsistent stage that won’t be resolved until Arturas meets with Jim.

The Final Call

Arturas Karnisovas isn’t the exclusive individual permitted to make the final decision on Jim Boylen. Positioned as the Vice-President of Basketball Operations, Arturas Karnisovas must confirm all arrangements through the Chicago Bulls General Manager. Marc Eversley took on the position of General Manager two weeks after Arturas began his duties.

When questioned on what’s happening with Jim Boylen, the Vice-President of Basketball Operations noted they hadn’t engaged informal discussions. The main priority is hurdling over the COVID-19 financial struggles, with internal relationships being slowly created. Arturas mentioned that once confirmed infections are lowered throughout Chicago, he’ll meet with Jim Boylen & discuss the future. Arturas noted that he’s excited to form a relationship with the Head Coach, meaning that Boylen could reform his reputation within the National Basketball Association.

Chicago Bulls Coach Getting Fired

Whenever sporting fans don’t support their latest coach, an influx of negative reviews follow and make it challenging for that leader in moving his respective team forward. This was once again proven with Jim Boylen, Head Coach for the Chicago Bulls. It was reported that the General Manager and Head of Basketball Operations have begun delegating with team personnel on Jim Boylen. The response obtained by Marc Eversley and Arturas Karnisovas hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive.

Mixed responses have forced the Reindorf Family to respond on this situation, with these individuals owning the Chicago Bulls. They’re onboard with retaining Boylen for the foreseeable future, with some of the players also wanting Jim to remain as their head coach. Their influence is minimal since giving decision authority to Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley, possibly prompting the termination of Jim Boylen before the 2021 NBA Season.

Karnisovas Responds

The Head of Basketball Operations was questioned by the Chicago Sun, a local newspaper outlet that’s infamous throughout America. They requested by Arturas Karnisovas thinks of Jim Boylen and his future with the Chicago Bulls. Karnisovas noted that his initial impression of their Head Coach was positive, with him showing incredible faith behind the Chicago Bulls brand. Then Arturas remarked that a comprehensive evaluation would be implemented for all departments under the Chicago Bulls. Those found to be unnecessary with being repositioned or terminated, which could include Jim Boylen.

The National Basketball Association terminated seasonal operations on March 11th, which followed after the COVID-19 Pandemic broke through the American healthcare system. The NBA is expected to cancel the 2020 season entirely after COVID-19 cases in the USA exceed past 1+ million. Terminating all NBA Games for 2020 will force the Chicago Bulls and other teams to re-evaluate their workforce. It should be mentioned that the NBA Outfit hasn’t shied away from terminating loyalists, with Fred Hoiberg being fired after five years of service. Fred lost his position of Head Coach after not obtaining 5th place or higher in the standings. Jim Boylen hasn’t accomplished this goal either, causing the speculation for his potential termination.

Cleveland State Coach Contracts COVID-19

Players with the Cleveland State Women’s Basketball Team were shocked to find out that Chris Kielsmeier had contracted the novel coronavirus. School Organizers provided this information with Cleveland State, who confirmed it’s the 1st case of COVID-19 at their institution. Chris Kielsmeier is a notable coaching figure in college basketball. He previously spent ten seasons with the Wayne State Wildcats, where he’d acquire two NSIC Tournament Championships. This would extend towards four NSIC Regular Season Crowns. These significant accomplishments prompted Cleveland State to acquire Kielsmeier for the 2019-20 Season.

CNBC Sports Reporters questioned the Basketball Coach on his condition. He noted that the 1st four days were challenging, with his body slowly recovering. It’s expected that this Middle-Aged Man will make a full recovery for his early diagnosis. Supporters behind Cleveland State would’ve been devasted with this potential loss. Kielsmeier acquired a 10-20 Average during his 1st season. That valuation would increase towards 21-11 this season before postponements. Renewing the season by September 2020 could allow Chris Kielsmeier to win an NSIC Tournament Championship for the Cleveland State Vikings.

Cleveland State Staff were forced to implement social distancing measures after the confirmed case of COVID-19. All Non-Essential campus operations were terminated, with individuals close with Chris Kielsmeier being forced into self-isolation until April 14th. Classes will be held remotely via video conferences until April 10th, where limited classes will be re-opened to Cleveland State students. It’s not known when any of the sporting functions with CSU will be resumed, with this potentially forcing unnecessary travel across the United States.

Chris Kielsmeier Receives Overwhelming Support

The President of Cleveland State University spoke on Chris Kielsmeier contracting COVID-19. Harlan Sands noted that they appreciate this Head Coach committing to self-isolation measures and informing the university immediately of his ill conditions. This coach was the 10th confirmed case from the Ohio Department of Health, that number has increased exponentially in the last few days. It should be noted that players with the Women’s Basketball Team at Cleveland State University provided their best wishes towards their head coach. They hope he’ll return to regular activity shortly.

Frank Vogel Coached Team LeBron for 2020 NBA All-Star Game

The National Basketball Association is undertaking it’s 69th All-Star Game, which will have the most notable athletes in the league compete against each other. This will include Team LeBron and Team Giannis, with LeBron James having Frank Vogel take over coaching responsibilities. This matchup is slated to begin on February 16th in Chicago at the United Center. Supporters can watch the event on TSN in Canada and ESPN in the United States. However, the All-Star competition will be supported by two hundred countries in 40+ languages.

It doesn’t surprise anybody that Frank Vogel is taking the head coaching position, with him having multiple victories over the last two seasons. His most recent accomplishment came when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets, allowing them to have the highest record in the Western Conference this season. There are minimal chances that they’ll lose their top placement before February 2nd. It should be noted that the 2020 All-Star Game will determine who’s the best coach in the NBA. However, this record could be depleted by Quin Snyder from the Utah NBA team. Lebron James has a wide selection of coaching options for 2020, with thirteen choices in the Western Conference. Additional options that would’ve worked in his favour include Michael Malone and Mike Budenholzer. Frank Vogel will bring the full lineup of Los Angeles Lakers coaches to the All-Star game, with them aiding in strategies for the head coach.

Lebron James could’ve been selected for head coach position, with this infamous athlete having previous coaching experience. He returned to professional basketball after being thoroughly convinced by Magic Johnson, who would then leave the association twelve months later. Instead of taking on the role of head coach, Lebron James has selected to be the All-Star Team Captain. Winning this tournament would mark the 3rd instance he’s won this tournament as the primary captain.

The Eastern Conference

Frank Vogel will experience a ferocious level of competition with the All-Star matchup. Competing against Giannis Antetokounmpo means battling against Mike Budenholzer. The head coach for the Milwaukee Bucks, this man is infamous for winning All-Star Games throughout his career. Giannis will be provided to strategies that won Budenholzer the championship title in 2019. Frank Vogel will require the assistance of Lebron James to create new plans for domination against the Eastern Conference.

Mistakes Commonly Made by Coaches

Coaches are the people who offer leadership and guidance, the people who the team looks up to for answers and assistance, but they too are only human and hence make mistakes. Some mistakes are less severe than others, and some could be considered to be merely embarrassing, but others can have detrimental effects on coaches and teams over the long run. Let’s explore some mistakes which coaches commonly find themselves making.

Regardless of how passionate coaches are about their careers and their teams, the truth of the matter is that coaches are in a position where a lot is expected from them on both a physical as well as on mental and emotional levels. Hence they must find a balance between work and relaxation to recharge and be able to give.

Poor Systems

Having a system in which your work form is vital, but the system should fulfil the purpose of a structure and not dictate every single step taken. A coach can easily fall into the trap of getting immersed in a rigid and restrictive system which will limit his coaching opportunities and not be beneficial to the development of the team at all.

Improving unity within a team is vital and crucial for success during competition. Still, it is essential to remember that each of the members of the group is a person with individual needs and concerns as well, and the coach should not neglect these. A team is only as strong as its weakest member, and hence, it is vital to ensure that each team member can deliver their top performance.

Neglecting Voices

As much as a coach loves to share wisdom and skills, as necessary is it not to talk too much. Whenever a coach is going on talking too much or going into long team talks, it can result in players becoming shut down and not taking in what is being said at all. It is much more advisable to listen sometimes, leave moments for reflection and contemplation and emphasize the silence in between. State your message clearly and give the team time to process the message internally.

When help is needed, or something is required, which is not your field of expertise, it is advised that assistance is requested. Sometimes getting a team member involved in some other aspect of the team’s organization can improve their sense of belonging and show them that you value their contribution. This can have a positive effect on the field. Delegating some of your responsibilities to people who can take it off your hands, can free the coach up to attend to matters which is vital to the success of the team.