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Four Coach of the Year Awards for Jamey Chadwell

The number of accolades acquired by the Coastal Carolina Head Coach is astonishing. Multiple institutions are gifted Jamey Chadwell with “Coach of the Year” following an incredible performance NCAA football division. The most notable accolade acquired by Chadwell is the Associated Press Coach of the Year award, which follows after a historic season that likely won’t be repeated the Coastal Carolina’s in 2021. Acquiring the COTY award from the Associated Press marks Chadwell’s fifth this year with prominent institutions. Additional Coach of the Year honors gifted to Chadwell include:

  • The 2020 Walter Camp Coach of the Year.
  • Paul Bryant Group’s Coach of the Year.
  • Sporting News Coach of the Year.
  • CBC Sports Coach of the Year.
  • 24/7 Sports Coach of the Year.

Largescale corporations & charitable associations also awarded Jamey Chadwell with Coach of the Year. The total volume of accolades acquired by Coastal Carolina’s Head Coach reaches twelve. Few coaches in professional coaching acquire that volume of awards in a single season. It shows the historic accomplishments sustained by Jamey Chadwell during NCAAs 2020 campaign. Chadwell was named for the “Home Depot Coach of the Year Award”, while also being selected by ESPN & ABC for an identical accolade on the CFA Show. Additional accolades obtained by Jamey Chadwell by corporate entities or charitable institutions include:

  • The Werner Ladder American Football College Association – FBS Region Two – Coach of the Year Award.
  • George Munger College Coach of the Year Award.
  • 2020s Sun Belt Coach of the Year Honor.

Other coaching personnel were competing for these rewards, with Chadwell sustaining an overwhelming volume of votes. Sixteen of the available points were acquire by Jamey, with Tom Allen of Indiana coming 2nd with fourteen votes. Luke Fickell of Cincinnati came 3rd and Nick Saban from Alabama sustained 4th place. It’d be Brent Brennan from the San Jose Sharks that came last in 5th.

University of Illinois Hire Bret Bielema as Head Coach

The 26th head coach for the University of Illinois’s football program was announced on December 19th. Multiple individuals were considered for this role, with most not anticipating Bret Bielema would be the selected option. Bielema takes over the position of Head Coach after Lovie Smith was fired on December 13th. Six days negotiating was sustained by administrators governing over the football program. Details regarding the contract sustained with Bret Bielema were confirmed, with the Illinois-native holding placement as head coach until 2026. An annual salary of $4.2 Million is being paid out to Bielema for his upcoming services. The Director of Athletics for Illinois University headed these negotiations, where he’d prove unequivocally that Bret Bielema has proven his capabilities to succeed. Director Josh Whitman emphasised few options sustained titles in the “Big Ten Series”, with Bret Bielema having three.

The History of Bret Bielema

Coaching personnel in NCAA – Football Division, are typically working towards careers in the National Football League. That hasn’t been the case with Bret Bielema, who focused integrally on educating younger players & preparing them for higher divisions like the NFL. Bret Bielema has sustained a career of 24-years in the NCAA – Football Division, with twelve of those seasons positioned as head coach. It’s Bielema that trained the University of Wisconsin’s Football Team on how winning championships was possible. That same method of training is expected for UOI Footballers.

Victorious streaks seen with the University of Wisconsin continued at UOA (University of Arkansas). Five seasons were sustained at Arkansas, with three of those five seeing championship accolades acquired. Most believed that Bret Bielema had eliminated himself a serious contender for the NCAA – Football Division after leaving Arkansas. He began consulting teams in the NFL & NCAA. Learning that Bielema is returning to lead another team as a head coach has excited thousands of supports & UOI Sporting Directors. It’s likely his skillsets with coaching younger men into professional athletes will flourish at the University of Illinois. The reasoning for this is because Bielema himself lives in Illinois & won’t travel far away from loved ones. It’s likely a core reason that saw Bret return in a head coaching position.

LA Galaxy’s Head Coach is Fired

Major League Soccer will conclude their 2020 Season in three matches, with player contracts for next year having been decided, announcements regarding coaching personnel are starting to get revealed. Mid-November saw La Galaxy announce that Head Coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto is leaving the organization. His coaching duties have ended effective immediately, prompting team owners to elect Dominic Kinnear for the role of “Interim Head Coach” for three matches. Removing Guillermo from coaching duties drove four others to the termination. Those individuals include:

  • Gustavo Barros Schelotto, Asst Coach.
  • Ariel Pereyra, Asst Coach.
  • Juan Jose Romero, Goalkeeping Coach.
  • Javier Valdecantos, Performance Coach.

LA Galaxy has struggled throughout the 2020 MLS Season, with Covid-19 inflicting numerous players onto the sidelines & coaching personnel to take fourteen days of sick leave. Most of LA Galaxy’s problems aren’t amassed by the issues surrounding Covid-19. It was the poor performance displayed by Guillermo Barros Schelotto over the last two seasons. His dominance has fallen in MLS, prompting team owners to dispute loyalty for victory. It should be clarified that throughout nineteen matches, the LA Galaxy have obtained eighteen points, one of the lowest league-wide. Destruction of the LA Galaxy became evident throughout their last match, with a horrible loss to the Portland Timbers. It marks their gravest failure this season at 5-2. It’d take less than 24 hours for team owners to determine that Head Coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto is causing the continued losses.

Reports suggest that LA Galaxy will elect Robbie Keane for the role of Head Coach in 2020. He previously competed for the football club when he was younger, acquiring championships with David Beckham & other influential players part of LA Galaxy’s history. No confirmation has been given regarding who will replace Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Those details won’t likely be released until January-February 2021. Supporters of the five-time championship-winning team will hope that whoever takes the helm, will lead LA Galaxy to their 6th league victory.

Sigi Schmid Entering US Hall of Fame

The 2021 Coaching Ceremony for the US Soccer Hall of Fame has been announced, with the most notable entrant being Sigi Schmid. Three members have been confirmed for the 2021 Induction Ceremony, with additional coaches including Joe Palone from the US Military Academy & Horst Richardson from Colorado College. Inductees enter the Hall of Fame after amassing notable accomplishments in their career. Sigi Schmid is the most prominent inductee, having coached LA Galaxy twice & numerous other clubs in Major League Soccer.

Sigi Schmid started coaching on the professional level during the Mid-1970s, with his career beginning at the University of California – Los Angeles Campus as Assistant Coach. He’d sustain three seasons with UCLA before becoming the Head Coach for the BJU Bruins. The length which Sigi Schmid coached the BJU Bruins was extensive, amassing nineteen years.
His tenure is historical, with Schmid creating a sporting establishment that continues to hold prominence in the “NCAA Division One Soccer League”. It should be noted that when Sigi Schmid coached the BJU Bruins, he sustained 322 victories with a .810 winning percentage. Schmid is easily in the top 10% of NCAA coaching history.

The United States Coaches Hall of Fame is awarding Sigi Schmid as the 71st inductee. That’s a notable accomplishment for Sigi, having outranked & out-paced thousands of other coaches in decades past. Since the US Coaches Hall of Fame opened, there’ve been 68 members before this Induction Ceremony.

Sigi Schmid’s Career After the NCAA

After sustaining twenty-two seasons in the National Collegiate Athletic Institution, Sigi Schmid received contractual employment with the LA Galaxy in 1999. This began another career amassing sixteen seasons in Major League Soccer before Schmid’s inevitable retirement. After coaching LA Galaxy until 2004, Sigi was hired by Columbus Crew FC for the 2006 MLS Season. That contractual employment lasted two seasons before coaching the Seattle Sounder from 2009 to 2016.

His final moment in Major League Soccer came with a return to LA Galaxy for one season, allowing Sigi Schmid to retire at the same team where his MLS career began. Notable accomplishments from Schmid include the 2002 & 2008 MLS Championship Titles.

Kevin Sumlin Contracts COVID-19

The Head Coach for Arizona State’s Sun Devils has confirmed his positive test for COVID-19. It’s been several days since the contraction was announced, with Kevin Sumlin announcing his contracting on October 5th. He’ll have to continue isolating for several days & then receive a secondary PCR COVID-Test. If that test reads negative, Head Coach Kevin Sumlin can return to training his football team. There are concerns that at 56, his immune system will struggle to eliminate the coronavirus promptly. Middle-Aged to Elderly individuals have been known to sustain the virus for one month or longer.

Sustaining the virus for prolonged periods doesn’t mean that Kevin Sumlin will lose his position with the Arizona State Sun Devils. It should be mentioned that the Head Coach & Head of Arizona State University Athletic Department, doesn’t have any symptoms related to the coronavirus. His asymptomatic conditioning guarantees that his survival is imminent. However, the period taken to overcome his asymptomatic diagnosis could take longer than fourteen days.

Contact tracing on Kevin Sumlin began immediately after his announced infection. Sumlin identified via contact tracing questionnaires that he hadn’t spoken with any team personnel or players. It’s guaranteed that an outbreak hasn’t occurred in the Arizona State Sun Devil’s camp.

Sumlin Speaks

The official statement issued by Head Coach Kevin Sumlin clarified that his family & himself had implemented aggressive protocols throughout the last several months. Those protocols weren’t enough to eliminate his contraction of COVID-19, providing Sumlin with a stark reminder that vigilance with physical distancing & hand-sanitizing is required. He’d extend those sentiments by clarifying at the most, American’s should engage with face coverings.

Comments from Kevin Sumlin switched towards his medical condition. The Head Coach revealed he’s feeling well & focusing on returning towards professional coaching. Kevin promised that his position as Head Coach would be maintained through a virtual setting, meaning the Arizona State Sun Devils don’t lose their direction. November 7th marks the date when the Arizona State Sun Devils compete against the Kansas State Wildcats. It’ll also mark the first game for the 2020-21 College Football League Campaign.

DC United Head Coach Addresses Team Downfall

Ben Olsen from DC United spoke with the media after their terrible loss against Atlanta United. The Head Coach was forced to address team-wide issues after experiencing their 3rd consecutive defeat, with Ben Olsen displayed bullish emotion towards the situation. For someone that’s dedicated thousands of hours towards professional coaching, whenever players aren’t listening to strategies, Ben Olsen removes his sympathies.

DC United experiencing three consecutive losses marks their worst record for the 2020 & 2019 seasons. It’d left the football club in disarray, with players not performing admirably to the directions of Head Coach Ben Olsen. This included Frederic Brillant & Russel Canouse, who were both forced to leave this match after committing illegal moves. Reactions seen from Ben Olsen on the sidelines weren’t positive, with better reactions expected when playing professional football.

Head Coach Ben Olsen addressed the media regarding this situation, clarifying that DC United has become fragile & is surrounded by emotional men. Olsen evoked that from a professional football standpoint, it’s not good for the team & implements bad combinations with their defensive group. DC United’s Head Coach mentioned that throughout his decade of professional coaching, he’s come across this scenario twice & knows the solution to return these boys into men.

Necessary Demands

His direct approach towards weakness being displayed by his squad was shocking. Most coaches don’t verbally attack their players by calling them emotional & fragile. However, Ben Olsen isn’t your standard Head Coach & is known for achieving results. Those in DC United that cannot handle being told to commit will be terminated. For millions of dollars, these footballers shouldn’t ever question the directives of their coach. It’s showing a growing imbalance of weakness amongst professional sports in America, and worldwide.

Head Coach Ben Olsen finalized his address to the media by retorting; DC United must begin acting & playing with greater combative skill sets. Ben Olsen has publicly demanded his footballers improve their quality of play, and that the pandemic isn’t an excuse for their weakness. Billions worldwide are concerned about COVID-19 but must engage in daily life. These DC United footballers don’t get the pass because their minorly famous.

Jurgen Klopp Named Premier League’s Manager of the Season

The Premier League have named their Manager of the Season for 2019-20. It’s been confirmed that Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool FC has obtained this title. It marks the 1st Liverpool Head Coach in years to get the title, which follows after Jurgen Klopp led his football club to a championship victory. It’s the first victory for Liverpool in three decades, which came when Jurgen Klopp out-coached Manchester Cities Head Coach & multiple other teams. Liverpool FC would stand 18-Points above any other side in 2020. Competition for Jurgen Klopp in obtaining Manager of the Season included Brendan Rogers, Chris Wilder, and Frank Lampard. Rogers is Head Coach of Leicester City FC & Chris Wilder coaches Sheffield United. Chelsea FC’s Frank Lampard was second running in acquiring this award.

However, one of these opposing teams did see a member of their organization obtain a notable award. Trent Alexander-Arnold for Sheffield United acquired the “Premier Leagues Young Player of the Season” award, with Trent standing as a distinguished defender. Liverpool obtained three nominations this season & saw none of their players become winners. It’s another substantial disappointment for Liverpool, who have faced a consistent backlash from supporters in their rise to Premier League Champions.

Liverpool FC obtained the highest record of consecutive wins in Premier League history, standing as eighteen back-to-back victories in the Championships. This occurred from October 2019 to February 2020. Every home game for Liverpool FC was rightfully won, making an organization record of twenty-three victories at home. Another club record included the unbelievable fact that Liverpool went forty-forty matches without defeat.

The History of Jurgen Klopp

Under these notable records, it’s unsurprising that Jurgen Klopp has been awarded the title of “Manager of the Year”. He stands at 53 Years of Age, maintaining formidable accomplishments throughout his coaching history. This included assisting Borussia Dortmund in obtaining a championship title in the Premier League, UEFA Super Cup, Champions League, and FIFA World Cup. Getting another Championship with Liverpool FC marks a dry-spell period of Jurgen Klopp ending as well, with dedicated supporters of the Head Coach invoking that he’ll obtain multiple championships for Liverpool from now on. This would follow suit with his time at Borussia Dortmund.

Andrea Pirlo Becomes Juventus FC Head Coach

Juventus FC on the weekend of August 7th that Maurizio Sarri would be replaced by Andrea Pirlo, a former competitor with their football club that’d become a champion. The appointment of Andrea Pirlo comes hours after Maurizio Sarri was terminated from Juventus FC, maintaining a single season with the club. The Italian-Native wasn’t able to ascertain placement into the European Champions League Finals, with Juventus FC losing to Lyon FC. This prompted Club Owners & Team Managers to consider Andrea Pirlo for placement, with the former Juventus footballer being considerably younger & having proven himself with the Under-23 Subsidiary Team. It’s known that Juventus FC has provided Andrea Pirlo with a two-year contract.

An official statement was released by Juventus’s Media Team, where they clarified that their confidence in Andrea Pirlo is unwavering. That’s because Andrea has shown himself an expert in coaching, reaching multiple levels of success with the Juventus U23 Team. Sentiments from Juventus FC indicated that the entrance of Andrea Pirlo marks a new chapter in their history, moving from the position of Maestro to Master.

Surprisingly, Juventus Football Club terminated Maurizio Sarri, with the 61-Year-Old Italian maintaining a 3-Year Contract. He obtained this position after successfully placing the Chelsea Football Club into the Europa League, inevitably maintaining championship status. Juventus FC hoped that Maurizio Sarri would repeat history with his new outfit, acquiring them victory in the Champions League. Juventus President Andrea Agnelli has shown that coaches who cannot perform will lose their contracts, regardless of the legal implications.

Footballer to Coach

Andrea Pirlo now stands alongside multiple footballers that transferred from the role of player to coach, garnering new reputations that can sustain longer careers. This includes Gennaro Gattuso & Frank Lampard, with the addition of Zinedine Zidane. It’s suspected that Andrea Pirlo will outrank his former rivals & become an influential coach that returns Juventus FC to providence.

It should be mentioned that Andrea Pirlo last played footballer with Juventus FC in 2015, marking a five-year delay from his conversion of Midfielder to head Coach. Throughout his professional football career, Andrea Pirlo has stood with four squads that won notable champions. He’ll take those talents & transfer them towards new strategies that could prompt a Semi-Finals placement in the Champions League.

Dome Torrent Hired as Flamengo FC Head Coach

Football coaches rarely finish their careers pre-emptively, usually working with various clubs throughout a lengthy career that typically ends by retirement age. This is evident with Dome Torrent, the former Assistant Coach for Barcelona FC under Pep Guardiola. Dome would become an influential force inside the coaching community after his time with Barcelona FC, prompting his inevitable inclusion into Bayern Munich & Manchester City.

After three notable positions as Assistant Coach, Dome Torrent was hired NYCFC (New York City Football Club) as their Head Coach for the 2019 MLS Season. Dome made the switch from European to American soccer, sustaining a single season. Torrent would mutually part ways with NYCFC after the COVID-19 Pandemic unfolded worldwide, forcing NYCFCs reserve funds to deplete by substantial volumes. Their finances couldn’t afford the long-term cost of employing Dome Torrent as Head Coach.

Dome Torrent was 1st seen on the American continent after taking over for Patrick Vieira, a man who failed to acquire Championship status for NYCFC. Selecting Dome Torrent proved favourable for NYCFC, with their club reaching a new record of yearly goals. They’d finish 1st in the Eastern Conference but struggle to overcome the MLS Semi-Finals, ultimately lose to Toronto FC.

New Head Coaching Position Acquired

Dome Torrent elected to leave the American football market after his single-season, moving over towards Central America. It’s been announced that Dome Torrent is taking the position of Head Coach at Clube de Regatas to do Flamengo. This means that the former leader of NYCFC is moving into the “Brasil Series A-League”. He’ll also coach Flamengo FC in Brazil’s “Carioca Championship League”. It’s not surprising that Dome Torrent elected this club for his future coaching position, with them having acquired 36 League Championships & Two Copa Libertadores Crowns.

The Clube de Regatas do Flamengo were lucky in acquiring Dome Torrent. There wasn’t any shortage of vacant positions for this Head Coach, with European & American clubs both offering him largescale multi-year contracts. Electing Flamengo FC shows that Dome Torrent wants another winning outfit, which he’s struggled to acquire since leaving the Premier League & Champions League in Europe.

Bob Bradley on MLS Restart

The LAFC Coach and his squad of footballers arrived at Orlando on July 6th. Concerns regarding safety measures were evident amongst the team, prompting Bob Bradley to speak with ESPN & other outlets before their first match in the “MLS is Back Tournament”. His sentiments extended past concerns for COVID-19 and moved towards Carlos Vela.

LAFCs first match doesn’t arrive until July 13th, giving minimal time for Bob Bradley to train his athletes. Another deterrent hit Bob Bradley when learning that Carlos Vela, the star footballer with LAFC, won’t appear at this tournament because of unknown family reasons. Bob Bradley initiated conversations with media personnel after learning two MLS teams had resigned from the competition, citing multiple positive cases of COVID-19. This includes the Nashville Soccer Club.

ESPN reporters immediately asked Bob Bradley on his thoughts towards the Florida-located MLS tournament. There was an evident moment where LAFC Coach Bradley hesitated to remark his genuine opinions. However, his response indicated that Major League Soccer didn’t provide team owners & coaching personnel with any options other than to agree. Bob Bradley emphasized that this wasn’t right of MLS Corporate to move forward with this competition.

Sentiments from Coach Bradley indicated that regardless of the forced resumption of professional soccer, he’ll make the most of these challenging scenarios & work towards acquiring victory over this tournament. It’ll be challenging for LAFC to accomplish this goal, with formidable opponents like the Seattle Sounders & Toronto Football Club looking to obtain the “MLS is Back Tournament Trophy” by August 11th.

Upfront & Not Discrete

The LAFC Head Coach incentive that team personnel have determined how to discuss COVID-19 protocols & standards internally. Bob Bradley mentioned his continuous challenges against players, requiring them to become educated on the pandemic conditions. Bradley taking these extra steps have helped avoid an outbreak of coronavirus on the Los Angeles Football Club.

Bob Bradley finalized his statements with ESPN & other sports outlets in North America by remarking his sympathies towards all those impacted by COVID-19. Coach Bradley doesn’t feel right about competing while thousand are suffering in North America. It shows the real honour of this professional MLS coach.