University of Illinois Hire Bret Bielema as Head Coach

The 26th head coach for the University of Illinois’s football program was announced on December 19th. Multiple individuals were considered for this role, with most not anticipating Bret Bielema would be the selected option. Bielema takes over the position of Head Coach after Lovie Smith was fired on December 13th. Six days negotiating was sustained by administrators governing over the football program. Details regarding the contract sustained with Bret Bielema were confirmed, with the Illinois-native holding placement as head coach until 2026. An annual salary of $4.2 Million is being paid out to Bielema for his upcoming services. The Director of Athletics for Illinois University headed these negotiations, where he’d prove unequivocally that Bret Bielema has proven his capabilities to succeed. Director Josh Whitman emphasised few options sustained titles in the “Big Ten Series”, with Bret Bielema having three.

The History of Bret Bielema

Coaching personnel in NCAA – Football Division, are typically working towards careers in the National Football League. That hasn’t been the case with Bret Bielema, who focused integrally on educating younger players & preparing them for higher divisions like the NFL. Bret Bielema has sustained a career of 24-years in the NCAA – Football Division, with twelve of those seasons positioned as head coach. It’s Bielema that trained the University of Wisconsin’s Football Team on how winning championships was possible. That same method of training is expected for UOI Footballers.

Victorious streaks seen with the University of Wisconsin continued at UOA (University of Arkansas). Five seasons were sustained at Arkansas, with three of those five seeing championship accolades acquired. Most believed that Bret Bielema had eliminated himself a serious contender for the NCAA – Football Division after leaving Arkansas. He began consulting teams in the NFL & NCAA. Learning that Bielema is returning to lead another team as a head coach has excited thousands of supports & UOI Sporting Directors. It’s likely his skillsets with coaching younger men into professional athletes will flourish at the University of Illinois. The reasoning for this is because Bielema himself lives in Illinois & won’t travel far away from loved ones. It’s likely a core reason that saw Bret return in a head coaching position.