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Four Coach of the Year Awards for Jamey Chadwell

The number of accolades acquired by the Coastal Carolina Head Coach is astonishing. Multiple institutions are gifted Jamey Chadwell with “Coach of the Year” following an incredible performance NCAA football division. The most notable accolade acquired by Chadwell is the Associated Press Coach of the Year award, which follows after a historic season that likely won’t be repeated the Coastal Carolina’s in 2021. Acquiring the COTY award from the Associated Press marks Chadwell’s fifth this year with prominent institutions. Additional Coach of the Year honors gifted to Chadwell include:

  • The 2020 Walter Camp Coach of the Year.
  • Paul Bryant Group’s Coach of the Year.
  • Sporting News Coach of the Year.
  • CBC Sports Coach of the Year.
  • 24/7 Sports Coach of the Year.

Largescale corporations & charitable associations also awarded Jamey Chadwell with Coach of the Year. The total volume of accolades acquired by Coastal Carolina’s Head Coach reaches twelve. Few coaches in professional coaching acquire that volume of awards in a single season. It shows the historic accomplishments sustained by Jamey Chadwell during NCAAs 2020 campaign. Chadwell was named for the “Home Depot Coach of the Year Award”, while also being selected by ESPN & ABC for an identical accolade on the CFA Show. Additional accolades obtained by Jamey Chadwell by corporate entities or charitable institutions include:

  • The Werner Ladder American Football College Association – FBS Region Two – Coach of the Year Award.
  • George Munger College Coach of the Year Award.
  • 2020s Sun Belt Coach of the Year Honor.

Other coaching personnel were competing for these rewards, with Chadwell sustaining an overwhelming volume of votes. Sixteen of the available points were acquire by Jamey, with Tom Allen of Indiana coming 2nd with fourteen votes. Luke Fickell of Cincinnati came 3rd and Nick Saban from Alabama sustained 4th place. It’d be Brent Brennan from the San Jose Sharks that came last in 5th.

Nick Nurse Donates $20k to Music Foundation

Canadians are known for supporting charities worldwide, with national consensus indicating that civilians in Canada have pride behind stereotype that Canadians are kinder than most. This was proven again by Nick Nurse, the Head Coach for the Toronto Raptors. Announcements were issued by a local city that confirmed Nick Nurse had donated $20,000.00 after Christmas.

The donation issued by Nick Nurse enables children in Hamilton, Ontario to receive music programming & first-hand instruments. The foundation receiving this donation is named the Hamilton Music Collective, which sustains a specialized program called “An Instrument for Every Child”. Young people throughout the region are introduced to music through this program. Hamilton, Ontario is known for sustaining high percentages of drug usage. It’s led towards children being disadvantaged & multiple underprivileged neighborhoods becoming slumlands. Considering that Nick Nurse holds sentimental memories to Hamilton, the Raptors Head Coach has donated diligently in hopes of revitalizing the industrial town. Children throughout Hamilton are welcomed to this program, which is considered free of racial stereotypes & equal for all to participate. Those that join “An Instrument for Every Child” have access to the following services:

  • Song Writing Lessons
  • Music Program Tutorials
  • Instrument Learning Lessons
  • Music Therapy

Fourteen schools throughout the Hamilton Region are partnered alongside the AIEC Program, enabling 650 students to have the programming necessary to thrive behind music. Head Coach Nick Nurse wouldn’t need to make donations if the Ontario Government supported musical development in schools. That support was eliminated when the Conservative Party sustained victory in Ontario. The Nick Nurse Foundation said they’ll continue to empower & enable children to thrive behind music, with the socio-economic position of the Conservative Party not stopping this region from growing. The Nick Nurse Foundation launched in January 2020, with their primary dedication to support young adults & children throughout Ontario. It follows after Nick Nurse himself grew concerned that students didn’t have access to prominent resources in Ontario.

University of Illinois Hire Bret Bielema as Head Coach

The 26th head coach for the University of Illinois’s football program was announced on December 19th. Multiple individuals were considered for this role, with most not anticipating Bret Bielema would be the selected option. Bielema takes over the position of Head Coach after Lovie Smith was fired on December 13th. Six days negotiating was sustained by administrators governing over the football program. Details regarding the contract sustained with Bret Bielema were confirmed, with the Illinois-native holding placement as head coach until 2026. An annual salary of $4.2 Million is being paid out to Bielema for his upcoming services. The Director of Athletics for Illinois University headed these negotiations, where he’d prove unequivocally that Bret Bielema has proven his capabilities to succeed. Director Josh Whitman emphasised few options sustained titles in the “Big Ten Series”, with Bret Bielema having three.

The History of Bret Bielema

Coaching personnel in NCAA – Football Division, are typically working towards careers in the National Football League. That hasn’t been the case with Bret Bielema, who focused integrally on educating younger players & preparing them for higher divisions like the NFL. Bret Bielema has sustained a career of 24-years in the NCAA – Football Division, with twelve of those seasons positioned as head coach. It’s Bielema that trained the University of Wisconsin’s Football Team on how winning championships was possible. That same method of training is expected for UOI Footballers.

Victorious streaks seen with the University of Wisconsin continued at UOA (University of Arkansas). Five seasons were sustained at Arkansas, with three of those five seeing championship accolades acquired. Most believed that Bret Bielema had eliminated himself a serious contender for the NCAA – Football Division after leaving Arkansas. He began consulting teams in the NFL & NCAA. Learning that Bielema is returning to lead another team as a head coach has excited thousands of supports & UOI Sporting Directors. It’s likely his skillsets with coaching younger men into professional athletes will flourish at the University of Illinois. The reasoning for this is because Bielema himself lives in Illinois & won’t travel far away from loved ones. It’s likely a core reason that saw Bret return in a head coaching position.

Gerard Houllier Passes at 73

An unfortunate announcement was issued by the French Football Federation. It’d been revealed that Gerard Houllier had passed at 73. This saddened supporters across France, who knew Houllier for his contributions to the national club.

Three titles were acquired by Gerard Houllier for France, with an additional three following while coaching Liverpool. It’s an upsetting announcement for long-time supporters of Houllier, who knew the disappointment felt by this influential coach after losing 2019s championship is an unexpected manner. It’d be revealed that the cause of death regarded complications with heart surgery. However, Gerard Houllier would die peacefully amongst loved ones.

Liverpool issued a formal statement regarding the influential coaches passing, emphasising that their mourning the loss of this award-winning legend. It’d be evoked that everyone involved with Liverpool FC have their thoughts & prayers with the Houllier family. A final Rest in Peace was mentioned, marking Liverpool’s end with Gerard. It’s an unfortunate reality that’s rocked dedicated supporters of France’s National Football Club & Liverpool FC.

Tributes gives to Gerard Houllier were beyond expectations, with French President Emmanuel Macros making an official statement regarding his death. Emmanuel would state his devastation behind losing Houllier, a man he adored & loved after years of knowing him on a personal level. It’d shock numerous residents in France to learn their President was friends with Gerard Houllier.

The Up & Downs

It should be mentioned that the timeframe sustained for Gerard Houllier as Head Coach for France’s National Team was minimal. He’d hold that privilege between 1990-94, acquiring multiple championships under the UEFA Division. Unfortunately, the FA Cup wouldn’t ever be sustained by Houllier. Multiple times throughout his retirement saw the Head Coach mention his disappointment & desire to try another time. That won’t be possible any longer, prompting sadness into his dedicated supporters.

It’ll be Gerard Houllier’s tenure with Liverpool FC that’s fondly remembered, with championship after championship being acquired until 2001. Houllier is often quoted with building Liverpool by football analysts.

Toronto Raptors Revise Coaching Lineup

Adjustments to coaching personnel with prominent institutions in professional sports happens regularly, showing a strategic requirement to locate new methods for championship acquisition. The Toronto Raptors proved strategic improvements with coaching personnel is needed after championship goals aren’t an accomplishment. The individuals terminated for their coaching positions were prominent in Toronto acquiring the “NBA Championship” in 2019. Team owners became unimpressed when the winning streak couldn’t be continued, not accounting for physical & mental challenges associated to Covid.

New additions & promotions inside the Toronto Raptors coaching staff include Chris Finch & Jama Mahlalela, which those individuals selected based off strategic relationships. These acquisitions followed after Head Coach Nick Nurse determined changes were required, with Nurse being Toronto’s latest leader & desiring an outfit more suitable under his leadership.

The New Additions

The National Basketball Association witnessed Chris Finch entering coaching duties in 2011, beginning his career with the Houston Rockets & sustaining that position for five seasons. An inevitable transfer arrived for Finch with the Denver Nuggets, which suffered a single season. The Orleans Pelicans would acquire Chris Finch for the 2017 campaign, with that working relationship sustaining three seasons. It wouldn’t be until the Toronto Raptors elected Nick Nurse as Head Coach that Finch left the Pelicans. He’ll begin his position of Assistant Coach starting this 2020/21 NBA season.

Jama Mahlalela holds prominence throughout the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. His career began with the University of British Columbia, competing on the collegiate level. After acquiring his diploma, Mahlalela was offered an assistant coaching position with the University of Toronto. Evident skillsets with coaching saw the Toronto Raptors inquire about Mahlalela in 2013, with the Assistant Coach not leaving until 2018. He’d be offered Head Coach with “The Raptors 905”, an affiliate team for the NBA squad. After two seasons with this organization, Chris Finch has requested that Jama Mahlalela returns as Assistant Coach. It should be noted that the newest acquisitions hold prominent relationships with Chris Finch.

Detroit Lions Fire GM and Head Coach

The Detroit Lions have announced that they have chosen to terminate general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia. The announcement was made on Saturday via Twitter and simply said that both had been relieved from their duties with the organization. 

While the Twitter post was kept simple, the Lions organization alluded to the contribution they made to the organization during a video conference for the press. In the video, team owner Sheila Ford Hamp stated: 

“They’re both very fine men and we wish them nothing but the best in the rest of their careers. It was a hard decision, just because as I said they’re both terrific people and they’ve worked very hard and tirelessly for this organization, it just clearly wasn’t working. It wasn’t what we hoped for when we hired them.”

Terminations were put on hold

While the Lions ownership had made their decision to terminate Quinn and Patricia weeks earlier, the move was put on hold as the team had other issues to deal with over the course of the last few games. The terminations cam only days after Detroit its Thanksgiving Day game again the Houston Texans. The loss added Detroit’s dismal season, which now sits at 4-7 for the season.

While the Lion’s management begins searching for replacements to fill the vacancies created from their terminating Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia, they have assigned responsibilities for the interim to Darrell Bevell, who will act as head coach for the remaining five games for 2020.

Patricia, who joined the organization in 2018 after acting as the defensive coordinator for the New England Patriots for six seasons had a record of 13-29-1. After taking on the role of head coach, the Lions have fallen to the ten worse teams in the league based on total and pass defense and scoring. The NFL reported that Patricia has the worst record for win percentage in the league based on teams that average 21 points per game. 

Bob Quinn took over the general manager responsibilities for Detroit in 2016 and under his leadership, saw the Lions record drop to 31-43-1. Furthermore, under Quinn’s leadership, the team has failed to make it to the playoffs. That has led team ownership undertaking a comprehensive and thorough search to find qualified replacements. At the time of the video press conference, no candidates were mentioned.

Jim Curtin is MLS Coach of the Year

The 2020 Major League Soccer Coach of the Year has been announced. It was confirmed that Jim Curtin from the Philadelphia Union has been made COTY. The accomplishment is deserving, with Head Coach Jim Curtin having taken the Philadelphia Union’s towards “MLS Supporters Shield” victory in 2020. It’s an influential accomplishment when considering that weeks ago, MLS Corporate was considering removing the Supporter’s Shield from 2020s campaign. Demands were made league-wide, which prompted the decision to keep the trophy in contention.

The Philadelphia Union had its best season to date, with an average of 2.04 Points being acquired per game. Their accomplishments enabled a league record of highest victories for shortest season in MLS history. Philadelphia Union’s record stands at 14-4-5 for the 2019/2020 campaign. What’s shocking is that because of the shortened season amid the coronavirus pandemic, Philadelphia Union is the lowest-points for a Supporter’s Shield-winning team. That’s not to dispute their accomplishment or skillsets, with prominent teams like Toronto FC being unable to defeat Philadelphia Union.

An official statement regarding his victory was issued by Jim Curtin. He emphasised that the victory isn’t exclusively his, with numerous players & other coaching personnel competing amid a pandemic to create winning opportunities. Head Coach Jim Curtin remarked that the environment sustained at Philadelphia Union FC is positive, one meant for improvement & growth. Curtin noted that 2020 proved that this training mentality can create beneficial results.

2021 is Coming Soon

It won’t be long before MLS Supporters witness the Philadelphia Union compete again, with Post-Season matches slated to start on November 24th. It’s the smallest timeframe that Philadelphia Union has ever sustained between one season to another. Jim Curtin will walk into the next campaign knowing he was awarded the “2020 Sigi Schmid MLS Coach of the Year”, which is acquired when employed personnel in Major League Soccer vote on who is most deserving. The overwhelming percentage was given to Curtin, with 44% of MLS employees selecting Jim over other coaches. Following the prominent season that Philadelphia Union FC had in 2020, spectators & supporters can anticipate that Head Coach Jim Curtin will lead his club towards numerous other victories.

LA Galaxy’s Head Coach is Fired

Major League Soccer will conclude their 2020 Season in three matches, with player contracts for next year having been decided, announcements regarding coaching personnel are starting to get revealed. Mid-November saw La Galaxy announce that Head Coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto is leaving the organization. His coaching duties have ended effective immediately, prompting team owners to elect Dominic Kinnear for the role of “Interim Head Coach” for three matches. Removing Guillermo from coaching duties drove four others to the termination. Those individuals include:

  • Gustavo Barros Schelotto, Asst Coach.
  • Ariel Pereyra, Asst Coach.
  • Juan Jose Romero, Goalkeeping Coach.
  • Javier Valdecantos, Performance Coach.

LA Galaxy has struggled throughout the 2020 MLS Season, with Covid-19 inflicting numerous players onto the sidelines & coaching personnel to take fourteen days of sick leave. Most of LA Galaxy’s problems aren’t amassed by the issues surrounding Covid-19. It was the poor performance displayed by Guillermo Barros Schelotto over the last two seasons. His dominance has fallen in MLS, prompting team owners to dispute loyalty for victory. It should be clarified that throughout nineteen matches, the LA Galaxy have obtained eighteen points, one of the lowest league-wide. Destruction of the LA Galaxy became evident throughout their last match, with a horrible loss to the Portland Timbers. It marks their gravest failure this season at 5-2. It’d take less than 24 hours for team owners to determine that Head Coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto is causing the continued losses.

Reports suggest that LA Galaxy will elect Robbie Keane for the role of Head Coach in 2020. He previously competed for the football club when he was younger, acquiring championships with David Beckham & other influential players part of LA Galaxy’s history. No confirmation has been given regarding who will replace Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Those details won’t likely be released until January-February 2021. Supporters of the five-time championship-winning team will hope that whoever takes the helm, will lead LA Galaxy to their 6th league victory.

Rick Bowness Leaves the Dallas Stars

It’s been speculated for months that Rick Bowness, Head Coach for the Dallas Stars, would be leaving the time following his retirement. It’d been known that Rick Bowness was preparing for retirement, with the Dallas Stars changing his position title to Interim Head Coach. His leaving of this NHL organization marks the end of an era, which saw notable changes & growth for the Dallas Stars.

The announcement of Rick Bowness retiring from the National Hockey League came from Jim Nill, Dallas Stars General manager. Jim mentioned that after an unusual & extended season in the National Hockey League, Rick has decided to move forward with his life. It wasn’t detailed who will be the 25th Head Coach for the Dallas Stars, with some rumours indicating an internal member of their coaching personnel will receive a promotion to Head Coach. New blood could evoke similar results seen with Rock Bowness in 2019/20.

Rick Bowness wasn’t meant to stand as Head Coach for the Dallas Stars. He was unexpectedly promoted after team personnel learned that their previous Head Coach, Jim Montgomery, was sustaining a substantial alcohol addiction. They’d send Montgomery to rehabilitation & later announce his effective removal from the Dallas Stars. This would provide benefits for the Stars, with Rick Bowness leading this organization to their first Stanley Cup Final since 2000. Nobody anticipated that the Dallas Stars would enter the Finals. Under the leadership of Jim Montgomery, six matches would be consecutively lost for the Dallas Stars. It showed team personnel that new leadership could evoke unexpected & positive results.

The Records

Now that Rick Bowness has entered his retirement, it’s expected that he’ll be added to the NHL Hall of Fame alongside long-time friends of Scotty Bowman & Pat Quinn. Rick Bowness sustains a career longer than four decades in the National Hockey League. Previous coaching positions for Bowness include the Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, Winnepeg Jets, and Phoenix Coyotes. Few coaches have amassed this record of notable positions. Throughout the career of Rick Bowness, he would acquire four Stanley Cup Championships & numerous other acolytes that’ll be remembered for decades to come.

Toto Wolff is Searching for his Successor

The team boss for Mercedes AMG-Petronas has confirmed that the hunt for his successor has begun. This follows after Toto Wolff had an influential run with the F1 team, creating the highest-winning Formula One team in history. When questioned at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola Circuit in Italy, Toto Wolff clarified that a large part of his priorities has shifted towards who’s best to helm Mercedes. Locating a successor that can sustain the winning percentages of Toto Wolff is challenging, with his accomplishment haven’t ever been accomplished by any other team boss.

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Post-Qualifying Press Conference saw Toto Wolff questioned on a multitude of factors relating to Mercedes. The team boss clarified that he’d remain a prominent member of Mercedes AMG-Petronas, taking either the role of Chief Executive Officer or Chairman. Toto evoked that where he’ll be placed hasn’t been decided but that the decision is his alone. However, before selecting which employment option is better suited for himself, Toto Wolff wants to acquire the best replacement possible. That could mean looking outside the Formula One paddock. Regardless, Wolff has the remainder of the 2020 & 2021 seasons to make his decision. After that, it’s expected that he’ll enter his new position as CEO or Chairman.

Why Toto Wolff is Leaving as Team Boss

Toto Wolff released details regarding his decision to leave the role of team boss. He indicated that throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, he’d learned that the time missed from his family has been extensive & that he missed countless moments in his children’s life. Prompting Toto’s change to Chairman or CEO, he’ll begin directing Mercedes AMG-Petronas from his home via Zoom. That will enable Toto Wolff to spend an influx of time with family in Austria, while still holding significant power in how the F1 team moves forward.

Toto Wolff showed himself an honourable man, consistent with his history throughout Formula One. Toto wishes that whoever is selected for his successor does a better job than himself. It’d ensure that Mercedes AMG-Petronas continues its domination throughout the next decade. Until a new team boss is appointed, Toto Wolff confirmed he has the commitment needed to lead Mercedes into 2021.