Nick Nurse Donates $20k to Music Foundation

Canadians are known for supporting charities worldwide, with national consensus indicating that civilians in Canada have pride behind stereotype that Canadians are kinder than most. This was proven again by Nick Nurse, the Head Coach for the Toronto Raptors. Announcements were issued by a local city that confirmed Nick Nurse had donated $20,000.00 after Christmas.

The donation issued by Nick Nurse enables children in Hamilton, Ontario to receive music programming & first-hand instruments. The foundation receiving this donation is named the Hamilton Music Collective, which sustains a specialized program called “An Instrument for Every Child”. Young people throughout the region are introduced to music through this program. Hamilton, Ontario is known for sustaining high percentages of drug usage. It’s led towards children being disadvantaged & multiple underprivileged neighborhoods becoming slumlands. Considering that Nick Nurse holds sentimental memories to Hamilton, the Raptors Head Coach has donated diligently in hopes of revitalizing the industrial town. Children throughout Hamilton are welcomed to this program, which is considered free of racial stereotypes & equal for all to participate. Those that join “An Instrument for Every Child” have access to the following services:

  • Song Writing Lessons
  • Music Program Tutorials
  • Instrument Learning Lessons
  • Music Therapy

Fourteen schools throughout the Hamilton Region are partnered alongside the AIEC Program, enabling 650 students to have the programming necessary to thrive behind music. Head Coach Nick Nurse wouldn’t need to make donations if the Ontario Government supported musical development in schools. That support was eliminated when the Conservative Party sustained victory in Ontario. The Nick Nurse Foundation said they’ll continue to empower & enable children to thrive behind music, with the socio-economic position of the Conservative Party not stopping this region from growing. The Nick Nurse Foundation launched in January 2020, with their primary dedication to support young adults & children throughout Ontario. It follows after Nick Nurse himself grew concerned that students didn’t have access to prominent resources in Ontario.