Toto Wolff is Searching for his Successor

The team boss for Mercedes AMG-Petronas has confirmed that the hunt for his successor has begun. This follows after Toto Wolff had an influential run with the F1 team, creating the highest-winning Formula One team in history. When questioned at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola Circuit in Italy, Toto Wolff clarified that a large part of his priorities has shifted towards who’s best to helm Mercedes. Locating a successor that can sustain the winning percentages of Toto Wolff is challenging, with his accomplishment haven’t ever been accomplished by any other team boss.

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Post-Qualifying Press Conference saw Toto Wolff questioned on a multitude of factors relating to Mercedes. The team boss clarified that he’d remain a prominent member of Mercedes AMG-Petronas, taking either the role of Chief Executive Officer or Chairman. Toto evoked that where he’ll be placed hasn’t been decided but that the decision is his alone. However, before selecting which employment option is better suited for himself, Toto Wolff wants to acquire the best replacement possible. That could mean looking outside the Formula One paddock. Regardless, Wolff has the remainder of the 2020 & 2021 seasons to make his decision. After that, it’s expected that he’ll enter his new position as CEO or Chairman.

Why Toto Wolff is Leaving as Team Boss

Toto Wolff released details regarding his decision to leave the role of team boss. He indicated that throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, he’d learned that the time missed from his family has been extensive & that he missed countless moments in his children’s life. Prompting Toto’s change to Chairman or CEO, he’ll begin directing Mercedes AMG-Petronas from his home via Zoom. That will enable Toto Wolff to spend an influx of time with family in Austria, while still holding significant power in how the F1 team moves forward.

Toto Wolff showed himself an honourable man, consistent with his history throughout Formula One. Toto wishes that whoever is selected for his successor does a better job than himself. It’d ensure that Mercedes AMG-Petronas continues its domination throughout the next decade. Until a new team boss is appointed, Toto Wolff confirmed he has the commitment needed to lead Mercedes into 2021.