Kevin Sumlin Contracts COVID-19

The Head Coach for Arizona State’s Sun Devils has confirmed his positive test for COVID-19. It’s been several days since the contraction was announced, with Kevin Sumlin announcing his contracting on October 5th. He’ll have to continue isolating for several days & then receive a secondary PCR COVID-Test. If that test reads negative, Head Coach Kevin Sumlin can return to training his football team. There are concerns that at 56, his immune system will struggle to eliminate the coronavirus promptly. Middle-Aged to Elderly individuals have been known to sustain the virus for one month or longer.

Sustaining the virus for prolonged periods doesn’t mean that Kevin Sumlin will lose his position with the Arizona State Sun Devils. It should be mentioned that the Head Coach & Head of Arizona State University Athletic Department, doesn’t have any symptoms related to the coronavirus. His asymptomatic conditioning guarantees that his survival is imminent. However, the period taken to overcome his asymptomatic diagnosis could take longer than fourteen days.

Contact tracing on Kevin Sumlin began immediately after his announced infection. Sumlin identified via contact tracing questionnaires that he hadn’t spoken with any team personnel or players. It’s guaranteed that an outbreak hasn’t occurred in the Arizona State Sun Devil’s camp.

Sumlin Speaks

The official statement issued by Head Coach Kevin Sumlin clarified that his family & himself had implemented aggressive protocols throughout the last several months. Those protocols weren’t enough to eliminate his contraction of COVID-19, providing Sumlin with a stark reminder that vigilance with physical distancing & hand-sanitizing is required. He’d extend those sentiments by clarifying at the most, American’s should engage with face coverings.

Comments from Kevin Sumlin switched towards his medical condition. The Head Coach revealed he’s feeling well & focusing on returning towards professional coaching. Kevin promised that his position as Head Coach would be maintained through a virtual setting, meaning the Arizona State Sun Devils don’t lose their direction. November 7th marks the date when the Arizona State Sun Devils compete against the Kansas State Wildcats. It’ll also mark the first game for the 2020-21 College Football League Campaign.