Spanish Soccer Coach Passes Away from Covid-19

Medical experts in Spain have unveiled the youngest individuals to contract Covid-19 in their home nation. That individual is Francisco Garcia, aged twenty. Confirming that he contracted the coronavirus came as a significant shock for parents in Malaga. That’s because Francisco Garcia is the Youth Coach for Atletico Portada. Some believe he could’ve contracted the virus to younger hosts, with Francisco Garcia, unfortunately, dying from Covid-19 after battling it for two weeks on March 15th.

The Atletico Portada Football Club provided a formal announcement regarding this death. It was mentioned that their deepest condolences are expressed to the relatives, family and friends of Francisco Garcia. When the family was questioned on Garcia’s rate of infection, they noted that his health declined immediately within four days and prompted his death. Considering that Francisco Garcia was a healthy footballer at twenty-years of age, its shocked medical experts that this Youth Coach didn’t have any formal medical conditions. Autopsies were held to locate any previously unknown medical conditions that would’ve allowed the coronavirus to thrive in Francisco Garcia’s system.

Doctors informed Francisco to take three doses of paracetamol daily to limit the sore throat that initially started. After twelve hours, his condition deteriorated and prompted Garcia’s parent to rush him to the emergency room. ER Doctors provided minimal help to the Youth Coach, providing him antibiotics and returned him home. The limited medical assistance prompted Francisco’s condition to worsen and eventually pass away. It should be noted that his step-father now has Covid-19 and can barely stand with an increasing fever. It’s expected that under this fathers older age, he’ll also be unable to recover and ultimately pass away from the coronavirus.

No Funeral

Neither parents were permitted to say goodbye to their son. They weren’t provided with a burial, mass grave site or ashes after Francisco Garcia passed away. That’s because individuals that have died from Covid-19 are being burned and immediately disposed of in the most effective medical methods possible. Before Garcia was burned, medical experts performed an autopsy and revealed that Francisco had undiagnosed leukaemia. That would’ve made it nearly impossible for his body to fight off Covid-19. The parents expressed publicly that they never thought this virus would kill their son and are devastated by this loss.