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Head Coach for Chicago Bulls in Hot Water

Alterations were recently made within the Chicago Bulls Corporate Division. It was determined that a new VP of Operations as required, allowing for modern mentalities & strategies to be enacted. This follows after their presence in the NBA has dwindled against other powers like the LA Lakers & Miami heat. It was expected that Arturas Karnisovas, the individual that was employed to take on the role of Operations VP, would alternate the coaching staff. No announcements regarding changes with Chicago Bulls Coaching Staff have been announced, with Arturas noting he’s not met with these team members. Interaction in-person isn’t possible amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been asked what will happen with Jim Boylen, the Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls. Sporting analysts speculate that Arturas Karnisovas will determine his professional coaching career in basketball. Boylen losing his position will enact a downhill slope that’ll end at the level of College or High School coaching. It follows after the Chicago Bulls haven’t obtained a playoff position for five seasons. Considering the overwhelming dominance this organization had during the 1990s & 2000s, it’s suspected that new executives will want to reach that point again. This leaves Boylen’s position in an inconsistent stage that won’t be resolved until Arturas meets with Jim.

The Final Call

Arturas Karnisovas isn’t the exclusive individual permitted to make the final decision on Jim Boylen. Positioned as the Vice-President of Basketball Operations, Arturas Karnisovas must confirm all arrangements through the Chicago Bulls General Manager. Marc Eversley took on the position of General Manager two weeks after Arturas began his duties.

When questioned on what’s happening with Jim Boylen, the Vice-President of Basketball Operations noted they hadn’t engaged informal discussions. The main priority is hurdling over the COVID-19 financial struggles, with internal relationships being slowly created. Arturas mentioned that once confirmed infections are lowered throughout Chicago, he’ll meet with Jim Boylen & discuss the future. Arturas noted that he’s excited to form a relationship with the Head Coach, meaning that Boylen could reform his reputation within the National Basketball Association.

The Regrets of Gian Piero Gasperini

Gian Piero Gasperini is one of the few coaches in Italy to confirm he’s COVID-10 infection publicly. The Atalanta Head Coach contracted the virus in March 2020, where he revealed that the concept of recovering in Bergamo Hospital saw life-threatening fears overwhelm him. This followed after hundred of COVID-19 Patients were located in the hospital. Gian lives close to this medical centre, where he’d notice an ambulance passing by every two minutes. The Head Coach couldn’t help but reference the similarities to war, knowing full well the majority that went into Bergamo Hospital didn’t leave.

Atalanta’s Head Coach was luckier than those entering this medical facility. He recovered quickly at an elderly age, with the infection being kept secret from the assistant coaching staff and his players. It wouldn’t be revealed to these men until May 21st, which is when the entire Atalanta Team was tested for COVID-19. Nobody was confirmed infected with the virus, but all football units in Italy still aren’t being permitted to train. This falls under the expectation that a 2nd deadlier wave will infect Italy and Europe.

Gian Piero Gasperini acquired the novel coronavirus on February 19th, which was the date when Atalanta FC competed against Valencia. This football match will be removed in Italian History for the wrong reasons, with health experts revealing that this event is considered “Ground Zero” for the city of Bergamo. Thousand of civilians throughout the Lombardy Province contracted this virus because this match unfolded on the 19th. It’s suspected that 35% of infections throughout the European Union was prompted from this football game, where thousands attended unknowingly carrying the virus. The number of deaths that can originate from this event extends 16+ thousand.

Unconfirmed Infections

Few members in the Atalanta Football Club have confirmed their contracted infections. It’s almost impossible that Gian Piero Gasperini & Marco Sportiello were the two exclusive individuals that contracted COVID-19. This wouldn’t fall in line with the infection percentages seen throughout Italy. It should be noted that Italian’s haven’t blamed Atalanta for the increased infections, with these civilians knowing full well they’re at fault. It’s suspected that Atalanta Supporters will see their favourite football club return by Mid-June to July.

Auburn Tiger Head Coach Contracts COVID-19

An influential member in the North American Football Community has contracted the novel coronavirus in his elderly age. It was announced that Pat Dye tested positive for the virus after entering an unidentified Atlanta Hospital for routine kidney tests. Nobody expected the tests to reveal an infection of COVID-19 in the former Canadian College Football Linebacker. Both associations connected to Pat Dye have issued their well wishes, which include the Edmonton Eskimos and Auburn Tigers. A National Football League Agent confirmed the infection status of Pat Dye, with that individual being his son. He noted that reports are correct, and my father testing positive after entering the hospital for kidney-related issues, which have been present for a prolonged period. Pat Dye Junior then mentioned that his father is asymptomatic, with all those close to the 80-year-old now being quarantined for fourteen days.

Pat Dye Senior won’t be permitted to see his family until the asymptomatic conditions of COVID-19 are gone. This means a confirmed test showing negative status. It’s expected that this Atlanta Hospital will release Pat Dye Senior by May 25th, returning him to a private hotel. Pat Dye Junior finished his remarks by clarifying his thanks towards all those wishing his father a safe recovery.

Player Before Coach

Pat Dye Senior played with the Canadian Football League, operating under the Edmonton Eskimos. He’d become a notable player over two seasons because Pat would often be paired with Nat Dye, the older brother in the Dye Family. He’d stand at 210-Pounds at 5’11, giving Pat the perfect physique to maintain his position at Linebacker. The skillsets showcased by the Edmonton Eskimos Footballer would earn Pat Dye two back-to-back “All American” titles. This extends towards a single Orange Bowl, and SEC Championship. These relevant skillsets allowed for Pat Dye Senior to inevitably become the Auburn Tigers Head Coach, where he’d go to obtain four championships for this outfit.

The formidable power of Pat Dye allowed him to make four interceptions, 58-yard, two fumble-returns, two touchdowns, and five fumble recoveries. This occurred throughout thirty-two Canadian Football Matches. He’d leave his professional career hastily when the United States Army demanded Pat Dye Senior fulfil ROTC Obligations between 1963-64.

Greg Vanney on MLS Restart

The German Football League returned to operations earlier this week, with Bundesliga now garnering attention from all other soccer associations worldwide. One of those associations is Major League Soccer, who will review Bundesliga to determine if their restart plan can work for MLS. It should be noted this information follows after MLS Executives announced that Orlando is being considered as a potential site to host matches. If Bundesliga proves that their strategic plan works, MLS will more than likely move forward with the Orlando Plan.

There’ve been multiple coaches in Major League Soccer that’ve provided their insight into this situation. One such individual is Greg Vanney, who revealed that everybody is watching Bundesliga see what happens with their respective footballers. This doesn’t include team personnel and coaching staff, but also the players themselves. Everyone is growing anxious over the situation with terminated matches. Greg Vanney, the TFC Head Coach, suspects that players will begin responding emotionally if the competition isn’t brought back shortly.

Vanney than spoke about the protocols implemented by Bundesliga, with Greg noting it provides MLS something to assess and consider when restarting their respective season. There’s a considerable difference between the United States of America and Germany, with the USA experiencing an influx of confirmed infections and deaths. Even with there being more than 86+ thousand deaths in the United States, MLS plans to restart operations.

Relaunch Date

The TFC Head Coach highlighted that Major League Soccer has a vision for possible strategies. Vanney believes there’s light at the end of COVID-19s tunnel, with MLS being victorious and more popular than ever before. This vision includes hosting at games at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disneyland. It’s rumoured that those matches will begin on June 1st, 2020.

The Toronto Football Club is preparing themselves for the upcoming season restart. Players are training at two separate facilities in the Toronto region, with specific restrictions implemented by MLS Corporate. Four players are permitted simultaneously to prepare, with those individuals having to distance themselves by ten feet. This controlled environment is what will allow TFC to be a formidable force with MLS resumes on June 1st.

Chicago Bulls Coach Getting Fired

Whenever sporting fans don’t support their latest coach, an influx of negative reviews follow and make it challenging for that leader in moving his respective team forward. This was once again proven with Jim Boylen, Head Coach for the Chicago Bulls. It was reported that the General Manager and Head of Basketball Operations have begun delegating with team personnel on Jim Boylen. The response obtained by Marc Eversley and Arturas Karnisovas hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive.

Mixed responses have forced the Reindorf Family to respond on this situation, with these individuals owning the Chicago Bulls. They’re onboard with retaining Boylen for the foreseeable future, with some of the players also wanting Jim to remain as their head coach. Their influence is minimal since giving decision authority to Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley, possibly prompting the termination of Jim Boylen before the 2021 NBA Season.

Karnisovas Responds

The Head of Basketball Operations was questioned by the Chicago Sun, a local newspaper outlet that’s infamous throughout America. They requested by Arturas Karnisovas thinks of Jim Boylen and his future with the Chicago Bulls. Karnisovas noted that his initial impression of their Head Coach was positive, with him showing incredible faith behind the Chicago Bulls brand. Then Arturas remarked that a comprehensive evaluation would be implemented for all departments under the Chicago Bulls. Those found to be unnecessary with being repositioned or terminated, which could include Jim Boylen.

The National Basketball Association terminated seasonal operations on March 11th, which followed after the COVID-19 Pandemic broke through the American healthcare system. The NBA is expected to cancel the 2020 season entirely after COVID-19 cases in the USA exceed past 1+ million. Terminating all NBA Games for 2020 will force the Chicago Bulls and other teams to re-evaluate their workforce. It should be mentioned that the NBA Outfit hasn’t shied away from terminating loyalists, with Fred Hoiberg being fired after five years of service. Fred lost his position of Head Coach after not obtaining 5th place or higher in the standings. Jim Boylen hasn’t accomplished this goal either, causing the speculation for his potential termination.

Olympic Gymnastics Coach Suspended Indefinitely

Maggie Haney was secretly emotionally abusing her athletes with verbal slurs, with reports being released on April 29th indicating that this behaviour occurred for eight years. It’s prompted Olympic Committee to hold a formal hearing against Maggie Haney, with the panel of three judges determining that the Gymnastics coach engaged in aggressive behaviour with minors, which included ridiculing and teasing. The Committee expressed that their primary goal is to create a healthy and safe environment for athletes of any age.

Hearing regarding the behaviour of Maggie Haney began in February 2020, with the Olympic Committee making quick haste of their decision with the novel coronavirus pandemic looming worldwide. This hearing revealed that the abusive nature of Haney includes digital harassment, fat-shaming, and racial slurs. Multiple Olympic athletes that were once minors have penned letters to the Committee for eight years regarding this behaviour. It wasn’t until the notable Riley McCusker, who stands as a Gymnastics World Champion, wrote a letter on Haney’s demeanour between 2010 to 2016.

The Accusations Continue

Riley McCusker detailed this letter direct to Rhonda Faehn, the former Senior Vice President with the Olympic Women’s Program. McCusker clarified that twelve gymnasts under the control of Maggie Haney were verbally, emotionally, and once physically abused. Detailed accounted revealed that the now champion would be humiliated in front of peers, while also be shamed about her minimal weight. It’s prompt Maggie to force Riley into working out with a multitude of injuries.

The pain would become so severe that she’d wake up crying from her sleep, with the process regularly being repeated. Now that these accusations have been confirmed by the Olympic Committee, the decision to bar Maggie Haney for eight years from professional coaching. Lawyers with Haney tried to claim this barring to be illegal, which prompted the Olympic councillor also to be barred. It’s suspected that Maggie won’t ever be reinstated.

The Olympics Cancelled

Information regarding the illegal actions of Maggie Haney follows two-weeks after the Committee confirmed that the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics were postponed by twelve months. Governing organizers were forced to make this decision after the COVID-19 pandemic continues to brutalize the human population, infecting three million and killing hundreds of thousands globally.

Premier League Releases Coronavirus Measures

The Premier League has announced it will be introducing a number of extremes measures for health and safety to protect club staff and players once football resumes after the CODID-19 lockdown that stopped all sports events across the globe in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus.

The Premier League has yet to provide any details regarding how or when the season will be completed. That resulted in most throwing out any ideas or speculating when and how that will take place after sport in England ground to a halt with the country’s lockdown measures

There are a number of claims that some Premier League clubs are looking at returning their players to training in early May as the current lockdown is due to end on the 7th of May unless extended by the government, which can if it chooses to extend the lockdown to the end of May. This would, of course, see the season pushed back even more, and that could be even more so impacted if additional lockdown extensions and executed.

One area that has been addressed is that the league will ensure that dressing rooms are equipped for proper hygienic and will be thoroughly disinfected prior to players arrival. In addition, coaches will be required to be disinfected and sterilised while players will be required to provide private transport in their own cars and respect times between their scheduled arrivals.

Additional Protective Measures

That includes the scheduled teams ensuring that players take different routes to the dressing rooms and then remain as far as possible away from each other until the match begins, which is rather redundant considering the close proximity they will have on the field.

Clubs are also being requested to make changes to their dressing rooms to allow for starting teams, substitutes and goalkeepers all change in different areas, which means, three dressing areas per team. Additionally, it is being expected that players will be required to supply their own food and not share it with teammates and must maintain individually named water bottles to ensure there is no risk of players drinking from shared bottles.

It is clear the league is putting a strong emphasis towards social distancing and is requiring all players who use the teams fitness equipment must put on face-masks and gloves while ensuring they sanitise each piece of equipment before and after use. In addition, all doors within the facility will remain open so that the need to touch door handles is removed.

Calgary Flames GM Predicts Changes for the NHL

Brad Treliving, the General Manager for the Calgary Flames, expressed that supporters should anticipate a substantially different version of the National Hockey League. Reporters questioned the GM on his position with the COVID-19 pandemic. Brad incentivized that players, corporate staff and coaches will engage with whichever scenario is determined by the NHL Commissioner. This follows after the 2019-20 Season was halted by the forced implementation of social distancing from both Canada and America.

All sporting associations worldwide are experiencing or preparing for a season that’ll be incomplete. It doesn’t matter what happens after the dust has settled with this pandemic, sporting associations like the National Hockey League will be drastically altered. This will also apply to the NBA, MLS, NFL, MLB, ELF, Premier League and Formula One. Brad Treliving mentioned that it’ll be challenging to play the sport without any supporters, that it’ll remove a significant percentage of the atmosphere. However, creating vital entertainment for supporters while keeping their players safe has become a top priority for GMs like Brad.

Historically, operating a profitable sporting venture requires obtaining thousands of civilians in one location. This applied back in the Roman Era and is still prevalent today, prompting significant concerns that the lack of supporters will generate a considerable decline in revenue. It should be noted that 2.1 Million are infected with COVID-19, with more than 140+ thousand dying worldwide. Under these conditions, the chances for anybody to contract the novel coronavirus is substantial. That’s why the NHL will implement specialized protocols to ensure the safety of all individuals participating in these match-ups. Strategic plans of this nature will be required for upwards of two years until a vaccine is provided.

Lost funds will apply towards the termination of Ticket Sales, Concession Stands, Parking Revenue and Brand Apparel. It’ll create new challenges for the product marketers working for the Calgary Flames and other NHL associations. April 30th will mark the date that NHL starts filming private matches, allowing for the remainder of the 2019-20 season to be underway. It should be noted that this date could be changed depending on the governance measures from Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau and Health Experts.

Oklahoma State Coach Creates Minor Scandal

Multiple individuals throughout North America have begun expressing their thoughts on COVID-19 in a public manner. This extends towards Mike Grundy, the Football Coach for Oklahoma State. Grundy made remarks regarding how the seasonal restart would begin by May 1st and that individuals need to stop being so concerned with this virus. His comments follow after America hit 20+ thousand deaths, which caused for numerous individuals throughout Oklahoma to become offended. He apologized for his statements, but some sports analysts anticipate that he’ll be fired for these actions.

Mike Grundy made agreements with multiple news agencies to speak through a video teleconference. Each interview remarked similar statements, indicating that the Head Coach would break federal guidelines on Social Distancing. Oklahoma citizens called the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Mike Grundy’s comments, requesting that an informal investigation be implemented. It’s expected that the Bureau spoke with Oklahoma State and demanded these statements be revised. This would be the most straightforward and most viable solution for the current situation, with the FBI more concerned on other investigations.

The Universities Statement

Oklahoma State University released a formal statement after Mike Grundy created this minor scandal. They expressed that adherence on public health and federal guidelines have been implemented since day one. Our best interests stand behind the citizens of Oklahoma and the United States of America. We’ll continue to mandate our operations based on the guidelines from federal and state authorities. We won’t compromise the safety of Oklahoma State University or her subsidiary campuses. Mike Grundy has been advised on the severity of this situation.

The Ignorance of Mike Grundy

It should be mentioned that Mike Grundy is a right-wing politician enthusiast who has often supported the actions of Donald Trump. In all interviews he maintained last week, racist behaviour was displayed numerous times. These actions will enforce his inevitable termination at Oklahoma State University. Grundy continually showed a significant level of insensitivity towards infected individuals, claiming they should be placed into specialized camps so that the rest of America can resume to normal behaviour. This is similar thinking to a former WWII leader.

Cleveland State Coach Contracts COVID-19

Players with the Cleveland State Women’s Basketball Team were shocked to find out that Chris Kielsmeier had contracted the novel coronavirus. School Organizers provided this information with Cleveland State, who confirmed it’s the 1st case of COVID-19 at their institution. Chris Kielsmeier is a notable coaching figure in college basketball. He previously spent ten seasons with the Wayne State Wildcats, where he’d acquire two NSIC Tournament Championships. This would extend towards four NSIC Regular Season Crowns. These significant accomplishments prompted Cleveland State to acquire Kielsmeier for the 2019-20 Season.

CNBC Sports Reporters questioned the Basketball Coach on his condition. He noted that the 1st four days were challenging, with his body slowly recovering. It’s expected that this Middle-Aged Man will make a full recovery for his early diagnosis. Supporters behind Cleveland State would’ve been devasted with this potential loss. Kielsmeier acquired a 10-20 Average during his 1st season. That valuation would increase towards 21-11 this season before postponements. Renewing the season by September 2020 could allow Chris Kielsmeier to win an NSIC Tournament Championship for the Cleveland State Vikings.

Cleveland State Staff were forced to implement social distancing measures after the confirmed case of COVID-19. All Non-Essential campus operations were terminated, with individuals close with Chris Kielsmeier being forced into self-isolation until April 14th. Classes will be held remotely via video conferences until April 10th, where limited classes will be re-opened to Cleveland State students. It’s not known when any of the sporting functions with CSU will be resumed, with this potentially forcing unnecessary travel across the United States.

Chris Kielsmeier Receives Overwhelming Support

The President of Cleveland State University spoke on Chris Kielsmeier contracting COVID-19. Harlan Sands noted that they appreciate this Head Coach committing to self-isolation measures and informing the university immediately of his ill conditions. This coach was the 10th confirmed case from the Ohio Department of Health, that number has increased exponentially in the last few days. It should be noted that players with the Women’s Basketball Team at Cleveland State University provided their best wishes towards their head coach. They hope he’ll return to regular activity shortly.