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Todd Richards Hired as Nashville Predators Assistant Coach

The Nashville Predators have selected their 2020-21 Assistant Coach. It’s been announced that Todd Richardson will be joining the professional hockey team, which likely meant a prominent payday. Assistant Coach Todd Richardson acquired the 2019-20 NHL Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightnings, which culminated his four-year stint with the team.

This is still a demotion when looking at Todd Richardson’s career. He previously was Head Coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets & Minnesota Wilds. Todd Richardson was likely hoping to ascertain his former role of Head Coach with the Nashville Predators. Rumours suggested this was possible and indicate that Richardson’s contract permits a promotion to Head Coach under certain conditions.

Nashville Predators General Manager released an official statement regarding the acquisition of Todd Richardson. David Poile expressed that his organization is pleased with obtaining Richardson, who has an extensive background in professional coaching. GM David Poile evoked that Asst Coach Richardson has proven himself a winner this year & that they’re happy to welcome Todd back to the Nashville Predators programmer.

Most have forgotten that the Milwaukee Admirals are Nashville’s secondary team, which is where Todd Richardson began his career nearly two decades ago. GM David Poile was pleased with offering an Assistant Coaching position, which likely indicated will turn into Head Coach by 2022-23. Todd Richardson is proving himself to the Nashville Predators a 2nd time almost guarantees his return to the role of Head Coach. His previous stint with the organization saw Richardson acquire the 2004 AHL Calder Cup with future hockey champions like Dan Hamhuis & Shea Weber.

A Wealth of Knowledge

The Head Coach for Nashville Predators evoked his support for Todd Richardson. Coach Hynes mentioned his prominent excitement to acquiring Richardson for the 2021-22 NHL Season. Hynes & Poile both believe that the wealth of knowledge, leadership, and experience brought by Todd Richardson will be overwhelming. Coach Hynes is correct when account for Richardson’s communication skillsets, teaching capabilities, and formidable work ethic. It should be clarified that the Nashville Predators didn’t issue details regarding this contract & its length sustainability. There’s a possibility that Todd Richardson’s role as Assistant Coach could be temporary to one season.

Sigi Schmid Entering US Hall of Fame

The 2021 Coaching Ceremony for the US Soccer Hall of Fame has been announced, with the most notable entrant being Sigi Schmid. Three members have been confirmed for the 2021 Induction Ceremony, with additional coaches including Joe Palone from the US Military Academy & Horst Richardson from Colorado College. Inductees enter the Hall of Fame after amassing notable accomplishments in their career. Sigi Schmid is the most prominent inductee, having coached LA Galaxy twice & numerous other clubs in Major League Soccer.

Sigi Schmid started coaching on the professional level during the Mid-1970s, with his career beginning at the University of California – Los Angeles Campus as Assistant Coach. He’d sustain three seasons with UCLA before becoming the Head Coach for the BJU Bruins. The length which Sigi Schmid coached the BJU Bruins was extensive, amassing nineteen years.
His tenure is historical, with Schmid creating a sporting establishment that continues to hold prominence in the “NCAA Division One Soccer League”. It should be noted that when Sigi Schmid coached the BJU Bruins, he sustained 322 victories with a .810 winning percentage. Schmid is easily in the top 10% of NCAA coaching history.

The United States Coaches Hall of Fame is awarding Sigi Schmid as the 71st inductee. That’s a notable accomplishment for Sigi, having outranked & out-paced thousands of other coaches in decades past. Since the US Coaches Hall of Fame opened, there’ve been 68 members before this Induction Ceremony.

Sigi Schmid’s Career After the NCAA

After sustaining twenty-two seasons in the National Collegiate Athletic Institution, Sigi Schmid received contractual employment with the LA Galaxy in 1999. This began another career amassing sixteen seasons in Major League Soccer before Schmid’s inevitable retirement. After coaching LA Galaxy until 2004, Sigi was hired by Columbus Crew FC for the 2006 MLS Season. That contractual employment lasted two seasons before coaching the Seattle Sounder from 2009 to 2016.

His final moment in Major League Soccer came with a return to LA Galaxy for one season, allowing Sigi Schmid to retire at the same team where his MLS career began. Notable accomplishments from Schmid include the 2002 & 2008 MLS Championship Titles.

Kevin Sumlin Contracts COVID-19

The Head Coach for Arizona State’s Sun Devils has confirmed his positive test for COVID-19. It’s been several days since the contraction was announced, with Kevin Sumlin announcing his contracting on October 5th. He’ll have to continue isolating for several days & then receive a secondary PCR COVID-Test. If that test reads negative, Head Coach Kevin Sumlin can return to training his football team. There are concerns that at 56, his immune system will struggle to eliminate the coronavirus promptly. Middle-Aged to Elderly individuals have been known to sustain the virus for one month or longer.

Sustaining the virus for prolonged periods doesn’t mean that Kevin Sumlin will lose his position with the Arizona State Sun Devils. It should be mentioned that the Head Coach & Head of Arizona State University Athletic Department, doesn’t have any symptoms related to the coronavirus. His asymptomatic conditioning guarantees that his survival is imminent. However, the period taken to overcome his asymptomatic diagnosis could take longer than fourteen days.

Contact tracing on Kevin Sumlin began immediately after his announced infection. Sumlin identified via contact tracing questionnaires that he hadn’t spoken with any team personnel or players. It’s guaranteed that an outbreak hasn’t occurred in the Arizona State Sun Devil’s camp.

Sumlin Speaks

The official statement issued by Head Coach Kevin Sumlin clarified that his family & himself had implemented aggressive protocols throughout the last several months. Those protocols weren’t enough to eliminate his contraction of COVID-19, providing Sumlin with a stark reminder that vigilance with physical distancing & hand-sanitizing is required. He’d extend those sentiments by clarifying at the most, American’s should engage with face coverings.

Comments from Kevin Sumlin switched towards his medical condition. The Head Coach revealed he’s feeling well & focusing on returning towards professional coaching. Kevin promised that his position as Head Coach would be maintained through a virtual setting, meaning the Arizona State Sun Devils don’t lose their direction. November 7th marks the date when the Arizona State Sun Devils compete against the Kansas State Wildcats. It’ll also mark the first game for the 2020-21 College Football League Campaign.

DC United Head Coach Addresses Team Downfall

Ben Olsen from DC United spoke with the media after their terrible loss against Atlanta United. The Head Coach was forced to address team-wide issues after experiencing their 3rd consecutive defeat, with Ben Olsen displayed bullish emotion towards the situation. For someone that’s dedicated thousands of hours towards professional coaching, whenever players aren’t listening to strategies, Ben Olsen removes his sympathies.

DC United experiencing three consecutive losses marks their worst record for the 2020 & 2019 seasons. It’d left the football club in disarray, with players not performing admirably to the directions of Head Coach Ben Olsen. This included Frederic Brillant & Russel Canouse, who were both forced to leave this match after committing illegal moves. Reactions seen from Ben Olsen on the sidelines weren’t positive, with better reactions expected when playing professional football.

Head Coach Ben Olsen addressed the media regarding this situation, clarifying that DC United has become fragile & is surrounded by emotional men. Olsen evoked that from a professional football standpoint, it’s not good for the team & implements bad combinations with their defensive group. DC United’s Head Coach mentioned that throughout his decade of professional coaching, he’s come across this scenario twice & knows the solution to return these boys into men.

Necessary Demands

His direct approach towards weakness being displayed by his squad was shocking. Most coaches don’t verbally attack their players by calling them emotional & fragile. However, Ben Olsen isn’t your standard Head Coach & is known for achieving results. Those in DC United that cannot handle being told to commit will be terminated. For millions of dollars, these footballers shouldn’t ever question the directives of their coach. It’s showing a growing imbalance of weakness amongst professional sports in America, and worldwide.

Head Coach Ben Olsen finalized his address to the media by retorting; DC United must begin acting & playing with greater combative skill sets. Ben Olsen has publicly demanded his footballers improve their quality of play, and that the pandemic isn’t an excuse for their weakness. Billions worldwide are concerned about COVID-19 but must engage in daily life. These DC United footballers don’t get the pass because their minorly famous.

Assistant Football Coach Gets Headbutted

The NCAA College Football League is known for its intense moments, with the players & coaching staff often aggressively congratulating one another. It was shown again when the Cincinnati Bearcats played against the Army Black Knights, the NCAA team that represents Army Cadets. An ABK assistant coach got toe excited after calling a victorious strategy & rushed towards the succeeding player in the manner of headbutting.

This assistant coach hadn’t taken into account that the ABK footballer had his protective gear on & the two collided after the coach had thrown his hands against the player’s helmet. Details regarding which coach with the Army Black Knights had taken this unexpected tackle wasn’t revealed, neither was his medical conditions. However, NCAA Commentators reflected that the coach would likely receive a concussion from this transaction.

September 26th saw the Army Black Knights compete against the Cincinnati Bearcats, with COVID-19 Protocols being in-place to guarantee safety amongst both teams. The sideline ABK coach congratulated his offensive lineman on pure adrenaline and likely was muscle memory from playing professional football. NFL & NCAA players often compliment each other with a headbutt, and typically do it whenever protective gear is being worn. It’s a critical distinction the Army Black Knights assistant coach.

Medical Examination

After the assistant coach tackled into his offensive lineman, the man wasn’t aware of his surroundings & could hardly maintain balance. It prompted NCAA Football medical staff to remove the assistant coach from the Cincinnati Bearcats match-up and conduct an immediate review of the coaches health condition. It should be mentioned that ABK #59 was concerned for his assistant coach, with the footballers remaining on scene until remaining coaching staff demanded his continued play.

Supporters of the Army Black Knights won’t know if the assistant coach received treatment for a head injury until the next ABK match-up. Likely, this individual won’t be competing for weeks to come. After the assistant coach had been injured & all players were distracted, the Army Black Knights took a steep decline in the points against Cincinnati. The ABKs were down by fourteen points against the Bearcats, their most prominent loss of this season.

TFCs Greg Vanney on the Canadian National Anthem

The Head Coach for TFC has received minor criticism for standing during the Canadian national anthem. Greg Vanney is often quick to rebuttal against his media opponents, and this scenario wasn’t any different. The TFC Head Coach provided clarification towards his decision, and confirmed it was in-support of his fellow colleague. Greg Vanney wasn’t the exclusive member of the TFC Squad to stand during the national anthem, with Captain Michael Bradley also following suit with his Head Coach. It marked the first time that TFC personnel didn’t kneel for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Greg Vanney provided an official statement, noting that two reasons were behind his decision to stand. The 1st was for his assistant coach named Jason Brent, who is a Canadian Native. Jason Brent informed Greg that he’d be standing during the national anthem & requested he stand with him. Vanney defended his actions by stating after the national anthem, there was a moment of silence for Black lives Matter. Greg Vanney was seen kneeling during the one minute of dedicated silence.

Michael Bradley’s Reasoning

TFCs Captain found himself being pressed by reporters via videoconference, with their sympathies more directed as hatred. Michael Bradley noted that standing during the national anthem is something he’s thought about for a prolonged period, and that he’s spent considerable time reading about the subject matter. Bradley evoked that his opinion could be versed but is pointless and focused on real problems that impose our society today.

Michael Bradley stated that the individuals who initially began protesting via kneeling, have proven they don’t want genuine change or to engage in real conversations that can prompt solutions. Bradley believes hateful rhetoric is divisively being used without any nuances & middle ground. That’s when the TFC Captain evoked he’ll always stand behind racial equality and use his personality to assist the “End Racism Movement”.

End Racism Movement is Growing

Multiple sporting institutions have begun supporting the End Racism Movement, with that social campaign involving considerably less violence than BLM. Football clubs like TFC want to create an inclusive environment that benefits all races. That’s a challenging goal that will require full efforts from Greg Vanney, Michael Bradley, and the entirety of the TFC Squad.

Sonia Raman Hired as Memphis Grizzlies Asst Coach

The Memphis Grizzlies announced their latest Assistant Coach, with that being Sonia Raman. She previously worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for twelve years, leading her Women’s Basketball Team for two champions in their conference & two appearances at the NCAA Tournament. Sonia Raman leaves MIT after the Memphis Grizzlies lost their previous assistant coach, Niele Ivey, to the Notre Dames. Niele Ivey was the 1st female coaching staff member with the Memphis Grizzlies & proved herself a favourable asset. Grizzly Owners didn’t hesitate to select a 2nd female coach to replace Ivey, and Sonia Raman was determined the best option.

Sonia Raman issued an official statement regarding his new position with the Memphis Grizzlies. She remarked his thrill & excitement behind working with the well-known coaching staff at Memphis. Sonia also noted that she’s looking forward to engaging with young female athletes that’ll likely lead the next generation of NCAA superstars. Coach Raman’s statements ended with thanks towards the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and to the countless woman, she had the honour of coaching for 10+ years. She’d wish the program success in their future.

The Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach, Taylor Jenkins, also provided a statement to ESPN on acquiring Sonia Raman. Jenkins emphasized that Sonia Raman will prove favourable for their basketball program, with the MIT Coach having a notably high IQ for basketball. Taylor noted that it’d been confirmed multiple times that Sonia is tremendous at teaching professional basketball and that she’ll influence the growth of their female athletes.

The History of Sonia Raman

Coach Sonia Raman graduated from Tufts University in Massachusetts. Her name would become known amongst state sporting communities, with Sonia playing four years of professional basketball & earning outstanding records for Tufts University. After graduating from Tufts University with an international relations bachelor arts degree, Sonia Raman obtains a Juris Doctor Degree from Boston College Law School in 2001. Before coaching with MIT, Sonia maintained an Assistant Coach Position with Wellesley College for six seasons. Her entrance into the Memphis Grizzlies places Sonia one step closed to a full-time position in the NCAA.

Steve Nash Becomes Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

The National Basketball Association & Brooklyn Nets were excited to announce the acquisition of Steve Nash as Head Coach. The former NBA champion has signed a four-year contract agreement with the Brooklyn Nets and comes after Kenny Atkinson was fired in March 2020. Jacque Vaughn held the position of “Interim Head Coach” and will remain on with the Brooklyn Nets as Assistant Coach.

Online support behind the acquisition of Steve Nash has been promising with Brooklyn Nets fans. Nash is an NBA Hall of Famer that throughout the 90s, rivalled Michael Jordan & Shaq for popularity. Steve Nash issued an official statement. He’d emphasize his honour & excitement to coach a legendary organization like the Brooklyn Nets. He thanked team owners & his wife for having confidence behind him. It won’t be challenging for Steve Nash to transfer his basketball skillsets into professional coaching, and his acquisition could allow the Brooklyn Nets to become contenders for the 2020-21 NBA Championship.

Statements from Steve Nash continued, where the Hall of Famer & NBA Most Valuable Player emphasized that coaching was a dream of his since leaving professional basketball. Accomplishing this goal has Nash humbled, where he’d note that Brooklyn Net players and staff are an outstanding group. Steve mentioned his excitement towards the potential of this team by 2025.

The History of Steve Nash

Surprisingly, it took Steve Nash five years to receive a professional coaching contract. He’s been employed by the Golden State Warriors as their “Player Development Consultant” since 2015. This period of Steve’s life saw a formidable friendship flourish with Kevin Durant, prompting his opportunity with the Brooklyn Nets. Inside sources state that Durant rallied for Steve Nash to become their head coach.

It should be mentioned that Steve Nash maintained an eighteen-year career in the National Basketball Association. He’d obtain the 2005 & 2006 Most Valuable Player Awards, becoming the 10th basketballer to achieve back-to-back MVP titles in NBA history. Nash’s time spent with the Phoenix Suns saw another relationship unfold with Sean Marks, the General Manager of the Brooklyn Nets. Sean Marks & Kevin Durant backing Steve Nash with team owners cemented his placement as Head Coach.

Le’Veon Bell Attacks NYJ Head Coach

Athletes throughout 2020 have become considerably more vocal, attacking their head coaches for decisions they find unfavourable. The most recent instance of an NFL footballer vocalizing his opinions on the coaching staff is Le’Veon Bell. This running back verbally assaulted the New York Jets Head Coach, questioning why Adam Gase would remove him from a squad-based scrimmage during practice.

When questioned on the verbal assault that occurred last week, Adam Gase stated on August 28th that he wasn’t expecting Le’Veon Bell to issue these statements over Twitter. The NY Jets Head Coach mentioned that they’d discussed the issue, telling his footballer that their professional relationship doesn’t need to become public information. It’s considered highly immature to attack coaches via social media in any professional sporting league & this decision will reflect poorly on Le’Veon Bells character.

Their dispute began on August 26th, when the squad was split into two & told to scrimmage for training purposes. Adam Gase revealed that hamstring tightness was evident in Le’Veon Bell, forcing the NY Jets Head Coach to sideline the running back. His replacement for the scrimmage included Frank Gore as first, who was switched out later for La’Mical Perine. Minutes after learning he wouldn’t be permitted into this scrimmage, Le’Veon Bell took to Twitter & released a formal attack against his coach. Bell stated that there wasn’t anything wrong with his hamstrings, that it’s becoming difficult to stand around & do nothing when he’s used to being a leader behind strategies. It’s not surprising that Le’Veon Bell attacked Adam Gase through Twitter, these two men have maintained issues since the running back joined the NY jets in March 2019.

Resentment from Le’Veon Bell

Medical reports from the evening of August 26th saw that on-site personnel noted hamstring tightness with Le’Veon Bell. This suggests that his statement over Twitter is more from harboured resentment. Continued behaviour of this nature from Le’Veon Bell will see him traded to another lower-ranked team for the 2021 season. It appears the legacy of Bell is starting to dwindle, which isn’t surprising after his statistics have dropped season-after-season for two years.

Ron Rivera Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

The Head Coach for the Washington Football Team, Ron Rivera, has officially been diagnosed with a challenging variation of skin cancer. This information was revealed as a WFT Spokesman on August 20th, where this individual clarified that Ron Rivera has “Squamous Cell Carcinoma”. Clarification was issued after ESPN first reported on Ron Rivera being ill, claiming that the Washing Football Team Head Coach had Lymph Node Cancer. Washington Football Club would take hours to inform ESPN & supporters that Rivera has “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” in his neck.

This announcement was made days after it’d be revealed that the Washington Football Team had hired their 1st African American Team president, that being Jason Wright. It’ll be this man that oversees the Washington Football Team in their rebranding efforts, which could notably include references towards recent movements. Most sports & political analysts have remarked that Washington’s Football Team hired an African American President to have the nation forget about their “Native Scandal”. For decades, the Washington Football Team was formally named “The Washington Redskins”, referencing Native Americans, which colonials had slaughtered.

The selection of Jason Wright prompted another onslaught of backlash for the Washington Football Club. However, the announcement that Ron Rivera had been diagnosed with “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” outweighed headlines regarding the employment of Jason Wright. Details regarding the future of Ron Rivera were given during the press announcement, noting that this Head Coach will continue his duties while maintaining treatment. It should be mentioned that Ron Rivera has worked with the Washington Football Club since January 2020, with his employment also looking to divert racist tensions against their former Redskins branding. Ron Rivera is 58 with a Puerto Rican & Mexican heritage.

Back-Up Plans

The Washington Football Club also revealed that a “Plan B” has been formalized in the instance that Ron Rivera cannot continue his coaching duties. There are instances where “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” will worsen, making the infected incapable of performing multiple duties without experiencing exhaustion shortly afterwards. This plan includes Jack Del Rio taking the responsibility of Head Coach, with his current position listed as Defensive Coordinator.